Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Letter # 80

Okay this week had a turn of events, and it was all for the positive.

Some great things have happened to us, and we have truly seen the powers of heaven. To anyone that might doubt that there is a God and that He does not work by miracles and by the prayer of faith, I say that I know with all my heart that He does. I have seen it on too many accounts and this one just strengthens more than ever.

Well, as I have told the family, we have been teaching these two sisters for the last 2 months and they have been so prepared to be baptized the whole time. In my last week email I believe I told everyone how we had a set a goal with these two sisters so that they could be baptized on the 20th of November. We set this goal about a month ago and we were going to pray every single day for the mother's heart to be softened. (because as of that time the answer was absolutely NO!). The Mother was not going to let them both be baptized. But about a week and a half ago, after praying for a long time, we had decided that it was time that the girls talk to their parents about allowing them be baptized. They decided that it was also time, and so they decided to be very forward and tell their Mother why they wanted to be baptized and what it meant to them.

After they had the talk with the Mom the conclusion was that the older sister was permitted to be baptized and the little sister still could not. The Parents thought that she was too young and that she did not know what she was doing. At that time we only had one week to get the parent's permission for the younger girl because she needed to get the signature from them before the 13th. Last Sunday we asked many people to help pray for these girls, including multiple missionary companionship's. The girls also fasted with us last Sunday. My companion and I were really filled with faith at this point. I felt excited because I knew that faith was truly being expressed by so many, and there was absolutely going to be a result.

On the next Monday (the day after they fasted), we called them to see if there was anything new with the situation. The older sister went on to tell me that the little sister had talked to both of her parents the night before and they both gave up on trying to stop them from being baptized and signed the permission slip. I don't know the details of those conversations that resulted into what happened. But I know that God was present helping those girls. The girls passed their interviews two days ago and are now planning on being baptized this coming Saturday on the 20th of November.

I believe with all my heart that this miracle occurred because of the faith of those girls. They set a goal and they were willing to pray for it. We also did our best to pray every single night for them to be baptized on their scheduled date. Miracles really do occur. I know they do. It is all based on faith. This miracle has set a great foundation for me personally for the future. Heavenly Father is a God of Miracles, and I am never going to forget it.

Besides those two passing their interviews, we also had another two investigators pass their interviews this last week. So we are planning on having four baptisms on the 20th. It is also my last weekend in Taiwan. I feel extremely blessed. The feeling of leaving is getting more weird as time goes on. It doesn't feel like I am leaving at all, and I am a little torn about it. I love this place with all my heart. Of course I am excited about coming home and seeing my family, but the feelings I have for this place are not going to be easy to leave. I have seen so many miracles in the last few months of my mission including much spiritual growth and love for missionary work. It is not going to be easy to leave. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. It is true because I can stand as a personal witness that it changes hearts. I love my Savior and his Atonement. There is so much I have to learn, and I do not have a perfect knowledge, but my testimony is strong enough to keep me on this path that will lead me back to my Heavenly Father. I know its true because I feel it everyday. For anyone who doesn't know if its true or denies it, it is because they have not "Experimented upon the word." In other words they have not FULLY tried, and they will continue not knowing until they put it to the test.

The Scripture that I want to share this week is Alma 32. The whole Chapter.
I love you all so so much.
Elder Wei


  1. Can't believe you are on your way home!!!!!!!! See you soon, sucker!!! Love your letters and thanks for the one you sent me:)