Monday, February 22, 2010

Letter # 44

Hello Family I made it through Chinese New Years, Alive!

This week was hard on my stomach! Real hard! We were fed just about everyday! A lot of the time is was just pizza or something! Because the members were scared to feed us anything too weird so they just bought us something from America! (In Taiwan that means McDonalds, Pizza Hut, or Burger King) Personally I thought the Chinese restaurants they took us to were way better. Surprisingly I don't think I gained that much weight over this week. My belt is just as tight! The weirdest thing I ate...........are you ready............. Chicken Testicle!!! It actually wasn't to bad but it was kinda just the thought of what I was chewing while it was squishing around in my mouth that made it so bad! Worth it?...... I'm still undecided! Overall Chinese New years was awesome! I am sick of the fireworks though. I will be riding my bike down the street and random explosions are constantly going off. It can get startling ha ha!

Like everyone said this last week was a little bit slower. We still saw amazing things. One of our investigators is a 50 year old women. Her name is Mei Yu Chan. She decided this last week to go to the church she was going to and tell them that she is going to start coming to our church now. She feels like our Church is the one that is going to help her and her husbands relationship. It was kinda a scary thing for all of us waiting on the outcome. But she called us and told us that it went really well and it was really easy to tell them. She is scheduled to be baptized on the 13th of March. As far as the two getting baptized this next weekend. They both passed their interview and everything is looking great. I am way excited.

The Zhang Family is progressing right now, but slowly. They said they would see us at Church this Sunday but they never showed up. We are going to wait a couple days to call them and find out what might of happened. My companion and I this week are really focusing on New Investigators. We feel that we should be teaching a lot more than we are. So please pray for us to find those in need!

As far as weather here... It has been Rainy and Cold for the entire past week! But its getting a little better now. In Three days I will have officially been on this Island for one year.

This week in sacrament meeting the family that was originally supposed to speak got sick and couldn't come. So Saturday we get the call from a member of the Bishopric who asked us to fill their spots and give talks. My companion and I coordinated with each other and gave talks on how the Gospel blesses families. My companion gave this amazing story about his ancestor (Christian Hanz Monson) in Norway that gave up everything for the church. The story is awesome. His ancestor worked in Norway as a prison guard and the missionaries were being held in the jail there. It was around 1840. But basically Christian was assigned to be the one to beat the missionaries and just make life difficult for them. But eventually he started listening to the lessons and one night he snuck them out of the Jail and they went to a river and he was baptized secretly. Then he walked them back up to the Jail and locked them back in. The whole story is incredible but I got up after him and told the ward about my Family story. About both my parents being converts and what that meant to me. Also talking about how 7 missionaries had come out of a decision that my parents had made. I also told the story of Paul and Noelle! The ward thought that was funny.

Well for the scripture this week is 2 Nephi 28:3-5
I have been thinking a lot about the Apostasy lately and the truth about it. In Talmage's book Jesus the Christ it lays it down really clearly what happened in the fall of Christ's Church. When you look at the history of the Apostasy it will amaze you what really happened. It helps me realize more and more the need of the restoration! I hope everyone gets the chance to study on it.

Okay gotta go 我愛你們
I love you all.
Elder 魏

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yes it is finally here. MY first Chinese New Years in Taiwan, and it is absolutetly out of Control. There has been Fireworks going off like crazy. On Saturday night I kept waking up cause the fireworks were so loud. Everyone knows the big Fireworks that are illegal in for citizens in America. They only go off at like baseball games and like the fourth of July and stuff. Ya those are not illegal here. Anyone can by them and shoot them off whenever you want. You can only imagine what its like.

Missionary work here during this time is SO HARD! We are lucky if we find any time to meet with our investigators. It's kinda hard finding something super productive. Contacting doesn't really work because basically everyone is inside and almost every store is closed. Knocking doors is even more difficult. Because fom what we were told its really rude to knock on peoples doors during New Years. One thing that we try to push at this time is visiting less active members. Trying to get a meal time with them is ideal. Basically everyone in the ward right now just feeds the missionaries. Pretty much the meals for this whole week are set up to meet with people who want to give us food. And when I say give us food, I am talking like a Thanksgiving size meal every single time. We have only had two days so far and I feel so trampled. I am seriously walking around with my hands on my lower back trying to support my stomach. I have a little taste of what it might feel like to be pregnant. I am seriously in pain! I know poor me right. I still got 5 days to go!

This last week we saw so many miracles I wish I had the time to share them all. But one was really amazing. It was difinitely one of the great mission experiences for me. Well it started when we were waiting for a lesson and it didn't show up. We decided to go to the train station and find some people there to talk to. Right as we got there we ran into this guy. All we said was hello to him and then he started talking to us in perfect English. He told us he was from the states But his parents were both Taiwanese and that in fact he didn't speak any chinese at all . It was really weird. As we continued to talk to him we found out that he was Christian and had alot of Faith but never joined a Church. We started talking to him a little bit about our church but I was really struggling talking and teaching in English. But as we continued I noticed it was getting easier and that I was being helped. I really believed that. I told him about Joseph Smith and bore my testimony about God's relationship with us and how the Restoration ties into it all. After we both bore our testimonys He was just completely quiet.

He waited for a few seconds and told us that he was so touched and he knew that everything we were saying was true. He said he was so thankful that he ran into us. He told us that he know god sent us. Unfortunately he lives in central Taiwan but amazingly the city that he lives in has an English speaking ward there. We asked if he was willing to meet with the missionaries and he told us that he was more than happy to meet with them. It was an amazing miracle that I saw first hand. Again strengthening my testimony in the divinity of this work. Its True! I have so many other stories I want to tell but I really dont have time.

As far as the Investigators go. This week went great. The baptism went well also. We are all excited for the 27th. Ming Long Lee and Bang ying Leo are both getting baptized and are really going strong. With Ming Long Lee we did something fun with him the last time we met with him. We let him be the missionary and teach us. We asked him questions and stuff, it was way cool! He is praying to know if he should go on a mission or not. Family please pray for him.

Well the Scripture this week is Alma 22:15. I love this scripture. I have felt this power and Joy in my own life. That is something that I could never deny!

Love you all,
Elder Wei!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Letter # 42

Hey Fam!

I emailed a little later than usual this week because this morning we had an Investigator take us to lunch today. He actually took us all the way up to the very north coast of Taiwan to this city called Danshui. Its like this port town with a huge river running through it and is surrounded by green mountains....... Yah, it's beautiful. Anyway he took us to this way nice restaurant right on the coast. We spent the rest of the day walking on the pier eating ice cream in 80 degree weather ...So how is Utah? :)

Anyway, it was a good "preparation day" without to big annoying overdone plans. Plus it was good to spend some time with our Investigator. He is getting baptized on the 27th of this month. He name is Bang Ying Leo. He is like 40 and unmarried but we are pretty sure he will just find someone in the Church. ( We are hoping so anyway).

So this week was a tad bit slower than the last weeks. The closer we get to Chinese New year the harder it gets to meet with people. But still going strong with the two people that are getting baptized on the 27th. We actually are having a baptism this next Sunday and its an amazing story. This 21 year old girl, her name is Hui Ru Xie; is someone we met about a month and a half ago. It was one of my first days in this area. But my companion and I were just biking past this convenience store one day and this girl was just kinda smiling and waving at us. YA......WIERD! But nevertheless we stopped and started talking to her. She had a lot of interest in our English class but unsure about the gospel. She said she was willing to set up a time though. We ended up letting the sisters take over. But ever since then she has been to church every single week and has completely changed her life. She passed her Baptismal interview last Saturday and it was decided that I was going to be the one to baptize her. I am way excited. Its amazing how some people come. But I am so thankful that my companion and I stopped to talk to her. I know that God prepares people. I don't know by any means how he does it but I believe he has his own specific way for every person. She was well ready when we talked to her.

We had another unbelievable miracle happen this last week. It was with the family we are teaching. The Zhang Family. Anyway the last time we met with them it was a great lesson. We watched the Joseph Smith Restoration video with him and the dad had a great feeling about it. But after the video he mentioned his worry about the smoking thing and quitting. We tried our best to explain to him that the Lord would help him. We saw him a few days later on the street and he had this really bad cough and was going to see the doctor about it. But the miracle is, that a few days before that the dad got involved in a little scooter accident and hit his chest on the front of his scooter pretty hard. So he had this cough that was getting worse. This last Saturday we called him to remind him about Church in the morning and he told us that he was in the hospital and had to get surgery. We rode over there really quickly. When we got there we found out that he had these bubbles that were in his Lungs because of the accident. He told us that the doctor told him that he could never smoke again because it was to dangerous. When my companion and I heard that I kinda just put my head down and tried not to laugh. We both knew that the Lord stepped in and was helping us out. What was interesting was that we both felt that if there was one thing that was going to hold him back, it would have been the cigarettes for sure. It was really an amazing miracle. We went over to the hospital yesterday with one of the members of the bishopric and gave him a blessing. We are going to call him tonight and see how he is doing.

This week I also received a big answer to my prayers as well. There was one day that we had that was just filled with trials and it kinda seemed like the day was just getting worse and worse. Every missionary knows exactly what that feels like. The day ended and it was a relief. I made it to 10:30 and got on my knees. I was filled with a lot of distress and doubt. In my prayer I kept asking how I could be better and what I could do to become better. The morning rolled around and a call came on our home phone, and basically there are only two people who ever call on that phone. The District Leader or this kinda "special person" named Kevin. I only know him by his English name. He has known the missionaries for years and somehow knows all of our phone numbers. But it was 6:40 and I was in the middle of my morning prayer and the phone was just constantly ringing and it would not stop. I knew it was him and I was just hoping that he would give up and stop calling. But he didn't. The phone just kept ringing. I was already annoyed as it was but I kinda just gave up the prayer and went over to the phone, not really the best of moods and answered. It was him and he called me just wanting to chat and see if I was going to church and stuff. He kinda asks the same questions every day. But I got really annoyed this time and was really short with him and immediately told him that I had to go. Right as I hung up I had a very guilty felling and I realized that my prayers were answered. The Lord let me know exactly where it was that I needed to be better. He told it to me as straight is it comes. I need to be filled with love all the time. Not just some of the time, or when I feel like it. But all the time in all circumstances. That experience strengthened my Testimony so much in the power of prayer and the importance of having love always in my heart.

The scripture I want to share this week is Alma 5:38. The whole Chapter is really good and talks a lot about repentance. Everyone read it.

Love you gotta go!
Elder Wei

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Letter # 41

我親愛的家庭 (My beloved family)

Well this weeks filled with many ups and downs. For the most part it went well. Transfers were this last weekend and I am still with my same companion Elder Shumway. We together make the Shumburger (It's delicious). We actually work amazing together and he is a really good missionary. I am way happy am still together with him. For multiple, multiple reasons. He is younger than I am but he is one of those Elders that knows exactly why he came on a mission. He will be a good leader.

We have really been working hard in our area, and we are seeing blessings from it. We are have two baptisms on the 27th. One is an older guy who has had friends in the Church for years and is finally really progressing. The other is the 18 year old kid. He is doing well right now. This last week we went on a Taipei Temple square tour with one of the investigators. She and her daughter loved it. Her daughter is 9 years old and is completely hilarious. She wanted to know if God was really in the Temple and she started getting frustrated because she couldn't see him. She will make a great Sister missionary when she is older. I sent a picture for everyone. But overall I think they really liked it. Taipei is such a crazy city. On the street where the temple is there is peace that cannot be felt anywhere else in the city. Its crazy because you can take one step on the street and you know that the feeling is just different there.

Something a little stressful happened. We went to go visit one of the new members last week, Sister Lee kind of an older lady; and when we got to the house her husband was outside. I have only been here a little while so I don't know the full story but her husband absolutely hates the missionaries. He was super rude to us and lied to us and told us she wasn't home and stuff. When we left he ended up yelling at her really bad. She ended up calling us telling us that she can't really come to church anymore. Well at least for the time being. We didn't even really know what to say. But she is really strong willed and will be back. That I am sure of. It's funny cause she will still find an excuse to call us every single day to tell us something new. She is funny. She is exactly like Grandma June. Not kidding. She has Grandma June's gun powder, just put into a Mormon. Sometimes inviting her to teach lessons with us can be a little crazy but she has an amazing testimony.

This morning was a little crazy for us. We had to get up really early in the morning to take one of the elders in our district to the airport. He is flying to Taidong. It's a little city at the bottom east corner of the Island. The monkeys over populated the people. But at the airport I had a weird flashback of the day I got to Taiwan and the scary realization that I only have ten months left until I am getting on that plane to come back. THAT WAS FREAKY! I stopped at the mission home on the way back and ran into my first District Leader, Elder Scott from Australia. He is heading home tomorrow and that was really weird for me to see. Basically this morning was rough. But gave me even more fuel to push me harder for the time I have left. I refuse to turn into an old lazy missionary. I HATE THAT! I made a commitment that I am going to get on that plane knowing that I pushed to the end.

Well the scripture for this week is in Alma. Its the story of Ammon and King Lamoni. Alma chapters 18-19. The point that I want everyone to pay attention to is the choice that King Lamoni and the queen made. There choice was to believe, and what the Lord is able to do with those that choose to believe. There were others that received the same witness of miracles. But the choice to believe is what it came down to. All progression is built around faith. Its our choice to believe or not to believe. If we choose to harden our hearts and not believe the Lord cant mold us. That is true because I witness it everyday.

Okay 我非常愛你們. ( I love you all so much )
Elder Wei 魏長老