Thursday, April 2, 2009

Letter # 4 with NEW PICS

Well hello Family,
So is everyone excited for conference? Everyone here for sure is! Its super exciting because I have so many questions I am looking forward to getting answered. But unfortunately we don't get to see it for two more weeks because of the time here. What we do is have our own little mini conference session. We do it at the mission home. We follow the exact same time as if we were in Salt Lake but it’s just a week later. So that will be cool!
Last Pday we went to these gardens and this 200 year old mansion. It was Gorgeous! You all would have loved it! So the work is getting a little hard of course. We are really trying to get some new investigators. Especially a Family! I am really hoping for that! So I am going to tell you a little bit about the food here! I’m in trouble...... I am already sick of Chinese food. Ha ...but other than that the food is so so good! The fried rice here is insane! and the fruit is amazing to. We are eating really really well. (Partly because every house we go to they just feed us tons of fruit!) Oh ya, I would not recommend cow stomach to anyone. It’s kind of a weird texture! ha ha not kidding! Umm ya.
Well I love you all so so much. It’s hard not to think about everyone! But I know this is where I am supposed to be (Sometimes very hard, But that’s all part of the growing process). Okay so the scripture for this week is Mormon 9:15-21 Everyone read this it’s amazing. The thought that goes along with this scripture is "The Key is Trust". We must trust god. He is capable of all things. If we trust him in all that we do, we will see miracles, and the miracles that we already have in front of us will be made known"

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