Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Pics from Elder Weinberger inTaiwan! - March of 2009

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  1. Mr. Missionary Man Chris, How are you Elder Wei Zhang Lao Weinberger? We have been pretty busy with all of our schedules here but have sent a few letters off to you. Love to see those pictures of all the beautiful places you are going. What a great experience bro. When you can, get more pics of some of the people you are meeting, teaching and helping to feel that great Spirit you have with you.

    I'm so proud of you Chris. Not just for decisions you are making right now, but for wanting to stretch and grow closer to your Savior. For wanting to serve people you didn't really know and have learned to love. Reading your letters makes me want to join you for a while... bad food and all. Believe me... I've had a few near-death dinners myself.
    Hot sauce is always the key to survival.

    We have missed laughing with you and hearing all of your funny accents around the dinner table. Keep up with the writing, scriptures, and pray always. You are truely becoming a warrior mah bruthuh. I hope this finds you safe, happy and a little bit drier than the last few weeks.

    Ez layk ah loh choo mang~! (That was in a Spanish accent... not sure why.) Noelle, Madeline & Hannah all say hello and keep you in our prayers daily. I'll write again soon... sooner than later.

    Keep working hard! Love you man.