Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Letter # 23

(Hey everyone, its Elder Wei)

Things went pretty well this week. We have contacted into a lot of great potential investigators. So we have a lot of hopes for the next couple weeks. Brother Shi is getting baptized on Friday. He asked me to baptize him. That will be cool. I am excited about that. We are still working pretty hard with the member work. The members here are seriously awesome. Surprisingly I think I like the ward better here then in my last area. The picture I sent is of this 12 year old kid that is in my English class. I have gotten to be good friends with him. He loves hanging out with us because he so set on going on a mission.

Well this week My companion made me my favorite food in Taiwan for lunch. IT was AMAZING! Its this curry rice plate! and then this drink that they make over here! Its called dong gua! I guess the only way I can describe it... its kinda complicated. Its like those buttered popcorn jelly belly's flavor and carmel made into a drink. Ya terrible description I know But all the American missionaries over here love it! So I got some pictures from the Family..... Noelle I am so mad at you! Sending me a picture of a perfectly assembled American burger! It made my rice for lunch taste even worse.

Well not a bunch of crazy new news for this week. Just a pretty normal missionary week. I have been thinking about what I want to say in this letter and I feel that I should let the family know that in all these letters I feel like I have left a false impression about me and how the missionary work actually is. What I mean is that I feel like by my letters it seems that life over here is just great and things are going really smoothly. Anyone who has served a mission knows that it is rarely a time when things are going exactly how you want them. I will admit that things have been hard lately ...really hard. The thoughts of self doubt, personal trials, thoughts of a lack of testimony, and constant rejection eventually take their toll.

So this week the scripture I chose was Ether 3. It is based purely on Faith. I know that everyone has their own personal trials every single day. I promise that if you read this scripture and try to apply it to yourself you can see where you all can show faith to overcome our trials.

I love you all. Thank you for all the prayers I can feel their help. My companion said something that really touched me. He told me that I was so blessed to be born in the family that I have. He said "Your family prays for you a lot" This is coming from someone that doesn't have very much. I started to cry a little bit and realized how blessed I really was!

I love you all so much thank you for everything.
Wei Zhang Lao

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