Monday, October 11, 2010

Letter # 76

Hello everyone. This week was again another good week for us.

Conference was fantastic. Being a missionary and watching it is the greatest blessing. Whether it's just spiritual growth or the fact that as a missionary you are completely desperate for advice and words from the prophets, it is a very spiritual experience every single time I listen to one of their talks. I am so utterly convinced that if a person actually watches General Conference and listens to their words, they will come out of the Conference session a better being, and their hearts will be changed. This General Conference was very particularly special for me. I got more out of it then I could ever imagine. It was filled with so many spiritual moments for me. It was great. My favorite session I think was Priesthood. I really like the talk from President Ucthdorf, and then from President Monson. One of my favorite comments made was by President Monson when he was quoting "Alice and Wonderland." He talked about how Alice came to one point in her journey where she confronted the Chester Cat and two paths she could take. Alice goes on to ask the Cat which path she should take and the Cat replied by saying; "That completely depends on where you want to go." Then the Cat says "But if you don't know where you want to go, it doesn't really matter which path you should take." It was interesting how Conference seemed to focus on Agency and the importance of the choices we make.God has already told us everything we have to do to be happy in this life. The next step is our choice. Are we going to follow, or not?

Well this week for still okay as far as teaching investigators. It was so nice to see the two people baptized last week at conference yesterday. That made me so touched to see them walking into the church. What a blessing it has been for me on my mission to see the wonderful change that this Gospel has made in other peoples lives. There is no greater gift as a missionary.

The Zhou family has moved their baptismal interview to this coming Saturday. So everyone, please continue to pray for them. The mother of the family probably has the largest concern out of the both of them. She is struggling with the answer of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. She believes in God and Jesus Christ, but she comes form a very Catholic background. I think it scares her a lot of the time knowing that it all in fact could be very well be true. I think for that reason she is a little hesitant in actually reading and praying about the Book of Mormon the way her husband does.

The other investigators are actually doing incredibly well. My companion and I have truly been blessed so much this last transfer, and with the start of a new one (Today) we have lots of plans and goals for this next month and a half. We have multiple people getting prepared for baptism. One of them is interesting. He is a 15 year old kid that I met on the street. His name is Wu. The way we met him is cool.  One night we were on our way to a lesson and we had to stop because my companion started to contact someone. Just then three middle school aged kids walked up just in front of me and started debating with each other who I was and what I was doing. At that time I am pretty sure they had no idea that I could understand what they were talking about because when I rode up to them and started talking to them, he and the two girls he was with started laughing and looked pretty startled. I told them that I was a missionary, and because of time I kind of just got to the point and asked if any one of them wanted to come to church? The two girls kind of shook their heads, but Wu said that he would be willing to go. He asked for the address and the next day he showed up for Church. He has been meeting with us ever since, and I asked him last week why he likes coming to meet with us. He told me "I don't know, just a feeling I guess."  To me that is amazing. The Holy Ghost is working in him and he is feeling it.

Well this week the scripture that I want to share is Mosiah 3:13.

And the Lord God hath sent his holy prophets among all the children of men, to declare these things to every kindred, nation, and tongue, that thereby whosoever should believe that Christ should come, the same might receive bremission of their sins, and rejoice with exceedingly great joy, even as though he had already come among them.

I love the Prophet that we have guiding us today. He is the Prophet of God. I know it because I could never possibly doubt the feeling I get when he speaks. The Spirit confirms it every single time.

I love you all
Elder Wei

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