Monday, October 18, 2010

Letter # 77

This was a ground breaking week!

The Zhou family passed their Baptismal interviews and we are pretty ecstatic over here! This will be the first time that I have seen a full Family get baptized on my mission. What more could a missionary ask for? It is the biggest blessing from the Lord. I am so happy that I get to see them baptized and most importantly, see them PROGRESSING. They are really starting to get it and its wonderful.

The Mother of the family is a little scared. She has many friends in the Catholic Church and has been in contact with it for some time. Last week in our lesson she was being a little quiet and a little hesitant to say much about her Book of Mormon reading or anything. For some reason I felt like I should ask her a question. I looked at her and asked " Are you scared this is all true?". She then replied by saying "ya I think so". We all kind of laughed but I knew that she really was scared and was worried about joining the church. The only thing I think she is really worried about is facing all of her Catholic co-workers. But I think she is going to be fine. She has a great husband and he is just glowing right now. He is progressing so fast. He is really starting
to get it. He will help her progress. I'm sure of it. Well their baptism is scheduled for the 23th of October.

We also have another person being baptized on that day. He is a member of the Guo family (That's the Mom we baptized 2 weeks ago). He is 9 years old. He and his little brother are hilarious. Before she got baptized they used to get mad at her if she drank tea or forgot that a drink had tea in it and drank it. They'll be great missionaries. The mom will speak at the baptism. I am excited to hear her. Her testimony is already so strong.

There was a huge miracle that she saw in her life this last week that strengthened her testimony even more. Two weeks ago when we were all at General Conference a member came up to us and told us that Sister Guo needed a blessing. We went up to her and asked what was wrong. At first she didn't know what we were talking about. But the member that suggested we give her a blessing was with us and told her that her hands had an allergy and needed a blessing. At that time I guess that I had noticed that her hands had band aids on them ever since we started meeting with her, but I never took much thought to it. The Member was pretty persistent and insisted that we give her a blessing. She explained to us that her hands have this rare allergy where they break out in open wounds if she is exposed to certain types of climate. I guess her hands have needed bandaging for over a year now. We explained what a blessing was and then took her upstairs to give the blessing before the next session of conference started. Four days later we met with her and she told us that her hands were better and that she didn't have any wounds on them and that she didn't need band aids anymore.

My first reaction was "Gen de ma?". Which means "really?" with a very surprised/doubtful feeling behind it. She said "really" and then let us look at her hands. I was amazed. She then went on to thanking us. I pointed my finger up to the sky and said "Thank Him". I immediately felt a little bad and probably a little like how Thomas felt in the New Testament. I doubted, and I allowed myself to be surprised about it. I felt bad and it reminded me that I needed to repent. I feel like this was a very important lesson for me, that being "not putting any boundaries on the Lord". This is something that a missionary told me just a few days ago while we were on exchanges and it hit me really hard when he said it. So I have decided to make that the motto for the rest
of my mission. "Do not put any boundaries on the Lord".

As of right now I have decided to exercise the most faith possible and cast all the fear and doubt out of me, and I expect by doing so that there will be many miracles following. That's about it for this week. I wish there was more time because there is more I want to say. But something I thought was funny was that I think that I am starting to turn more and more into my Dad. My companion has been on this thing lately where he enjoys making fun of the little idiosyncrasies I have and imitating me, which immediately reminded me of all the family dinners where we would laugh at the things Dad does. Ahhh yes.... the thing I feared most is beginning to happen. ha ha its okay. It was going to happen eventually. I am turning into my Dad.
[Editorial from Dad - "Poor Chris!!]

The scripture this week. Mormon 9:19-21

And if there were miracles wrought then, why has God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being? And behold, I say unto you he changeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God, and is a God of miracles.

Much love,
Elder WEI

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