Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letter # 12

...And another week has gone by. They are just flying now like its nothing. The last week was fantastic. We are seeing so much success. We have three people with baptismal dates planning to get baptized in July. There should also be two more people added on to that number by the end of this week. I am really hoping to see 5 Baptisms in the month of July. I know that is a really big goal. But all of our investigators are progressing really fast and keeping commitments.
One of the people I told you about two weeks ago is the Father of the Lin family. The one I met at the convenience store. He has completely given up drinking. Things are so much better for the family. He is planning on getting baptized in July. The Wife is a little more difficult because her Chinese is not so good. She is Filipino so we have to go get a translator for her and then teach the lessons. But that family has two kids. One is Ten and the other Four. We taught the ten year old girl last night. That was a little difficult but we used a lot of pictures to help her pay attention. They are the cutest kids. Right behind my nieces and nephews of course!

I know I say this every week but it is getting hotter and hotter. If there is any point in the day where I am not completely drenched with sweat, there is a serious problem. I am almost just getting used to being hot and miserable. ha ha. Seriously, the weather here is so weird. Yesterday we were dying of heat and then it got dark all the sudden and got hit with this huge rain storm with tons of wind and stuff. It was bad. But an hour later it cleared completely
up and went back to being blistering hot. The two pictures of me in the rain are from yesterday in that storm. Its not a joke either, the first picture there wasn't any wind and then the second one I was yelling at him to take the picture. It was so funny. Well there is one plus to all the hot weather. Every single house we go to they give us cold fruit. Pineapples mangos papya. Awww the fruit here is unbelievable.

So the scripture for this week is Moroni 10:7. I have shared it a lot this week. It talks about how all things are possible by faith. According to our faith we can do all things.

Well I love you all so much things are going really well.
Your in my prayers.
Wei Zhang Lao

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