Monday, July 27, 2009

Letter # 16

Hey Family.

So when we email here on preparation day we go to these internet cafes and you pay for the time and then your computer stays on as long as you have payed for enough time. So last week right as I am sending my email I ran out of time on my computer. Ya that was really frustrating.
Yup, that is why no one heard from me last week.
Things are going well I am still alive besides the Taiwanese summer. I am still living with my native companion. My Chinese has shot up really fast in the last 3 weeks from living with my new compainion so I am really stoked about that.

WE had a baptism last week. It was someone who my companion and I contacted about 2 months ago. It was awesome. It was my first chance to actually baptize the person so that was amazing. I will admit I was scared, but the service went really smoothly.

So Last week I survived a huge earthquake... Ya, I woke up at 2:00 in the morning to my bed shaking and stuff falling on the ground. I really thought I was going to die. (All this while you are half asleep).

Anyway, we went up to the mountains last week. They were on the Northern Coast of Taiwan.
It was unbelievable. Up there is this shopping market and I had my first try at eating Chicken feet. NASTY!!!!

We had our first zone conference with the new mission president last Monday. He is a really awesome guy. I am way excited to have him.

Oh ya, I almost forgot. Last weeks crazy story:
We were on our way to an appointment and my tire went flat in the middle of this food market. If you have been to an Asian food market they are crazy.... Thousands of people and tons of nasty food and meat hanging everywhere. (Not the best place to have bike problems.)
We walked around for about an hour trying to find a bike place. No luck.
...Long story short we had to take a taxi everywhere that night. Then when we get home I reach for my wallet to pay the taxi driver and its not there. My companion payed but we had to get out in the middle of this market where my bike was and start looking for a bike store. As we start
walking we made it about 3 minutes before it started raining. After walking for a half an hour in the rain we came to a bike store, got fixed and got home pretty late. That night was easily one of the worst of my life. Luckily the next day we got a call from one of the taxi drivers that they had my wallet. That was a relief. I would have been done for if I lost it.

The work is still going great. We are seeing so much progression in our investigators. The Lin family is still doing amazing. We went and had family home evening last week with them. We
played UNO for the activity. It was hilarious with little kids. Well I really get going my companion is done emailing and we have tons of stuff to do today.

The scripture this week is the Title page and introduction of the Book Of Mormon. I want everyone to pay close attention to the promise and testimony given, and as it directs to pray
about it. That is everyone's homework for this week.
Wei Zhang Lao

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