Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Letter # 15

Well, I just finished my first week living with someone from another country.
It was interesting...

Elder Yo.
He is just a little Chinese kid from Taizhong, which is in the middle of Taiwan.
I really like him. He is super nice and has a really good heart. But let’s just say there are a few cultural differences. For example when we go out to lunch I will get the typical rice and meat, you know normal stuff to us Americans. But somehow he finds this little food stand somewhere that is selling something I didn't even know humans could eat. Also reminding him to brush his teeth. Ha ha just a few cultural differences ya know. But besides the differences I think we work pretty well together.

Things are going great with our investigators. We have a baptism scheduled for next Saturday with Brother Zhu. He has changed a lot since we started meeting with him it’s been amazing. The Lin family is still doing really well. The Dad and the daughter are looking to be baptized on the 25th. We have also been out a lot this last week. Finding people that is. It gets a little draining being outside in the Taiwanese summer. But its kind of fun.....I guess. Maybe I shouldn’t say fun. Rewarding is a better word.

Oh ya, I will say the 4th of July is not too crazy in the Far East. We celebrated by going to Burger King. It was the closest thing we could get to America. Anyway I want to quickly share an experience I had this week. We were able to sit down with a members little brother and teach him. The story behind that is that we were visiting a member who is about our age and the little brother was home. The little brother is 17 and does nothing all day. He sits at home all day every day, and never goes outside. So he is already a little weird. Luckily we were able to get him to sit down with us but he did not want to hear what we had to say at all. Long story short we starting teaching and bearing testimony that he has a loving heavenly father who cares for him and who loves him. I don’t know what came over me but I starting tearing up. I knew that what we said was true. That his Heavenly Father did love him and wanted him to be happy. This was the first time in my life that I could feel the smallest bit of love that God has for all his children. I knew it was true and I knew that he loved this person.
It was a feeling I could never deny.

The scripture for this week is 1Nephi 4:6
It talks about being led by the spirit. We all have road blocks in our lives and sometimes we don’t know where to turn or the next step to take. From this scripture I have learned that sometimes you just have to keep moving and know that the spirit will guide you. Just have to keep moving. Okay love you all so so so so much. Gotta go. Until next week
Wei Zhang Lao

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