Thursday, July 30, 2009

Letter # 17

Hey Family,
I am trying to get a Quick message out. I don't have much time this week But things have been going great. My Native companion and I are doing good now. The first little while we weren't really seeing eye to eye in everything but we both realized it was just an issue of pride. We are doing really good now and seeing a lot of success.

Anyway, sweet miracle happened. I am not sure if I already told this but about 3 weeks ago my companion and I were at a stop light in the morning on the way to the chapel. It was super early so we were both way tired. Anyway this kid pulled up on a scooter about 20 feet away from us. I didn't think much of it. But I had this urgent feeling to go talk to him. I just kept feeling in my head I am way to tired I just want to get to church that is all. But this urgent feeling kept bugging me to go up to him and talk to him. Anyway long story short I told Satan to zip it and I rode up to this guy and asked if he would pull over so we could talk to him. He has met with us constantly for the last three weeks and is getting baptized on my Birthday. I am so stoked! I love this gospel. One of the things I discovered this past week has completely changed my mission, and yet it is one of the most simple doctrine's of the church.

The Love of Jesus Christ.

We were in a meeting discussing why we had so many less active members. Our leader said something that I will never forget. "Because they have not met Jesus Christ" It completely changed my outlook on this work and how to truly find the success we are looking for. It all lies
in the love of Jesus Christ. I have made it a point in my mission, no matter what lesson or principle I am teaching I must always testify of the love of Jesus Christ. That is where the true conversion comes, especially in myself. I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this. Most the time I do not think I deserve this opportunity to be out here. I am just way thankful for everything. Especially my family. Thanks so much for always standing by me, even in my rough patches of being a complete idiot. Ha ha. I love you all so so much.

Scripture this week is one of my favorites:
1 Nephi 19:9.
Wei Zhang Lao

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