Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Letter # 26

Hey Family, 你好 魏家庭 大家, (Hello Wei Family, Everyone)

Yes the Chinese name for Weinberger is "WEI" it is pronounced like the restaurant (PEI WEI), or (by the "WAY") I am pretty sure I am the only person with the last name Weinberger to go to Taiwan or have a Chinese name for that matter. So I hereby forever pronounced
("WEI" 魏) to be the Chinese name of all Weinbergers, everywhere. I put the character for the name in the last sentence. That's how I have to write my name.

Well first I want to say. Conference was AWESOME! It was really refining. It taught a lot of basic principles in the Church such as Love and the most basic doctrine of God being a loving heavenly father. I think sometimes as members we almost forget the small simple doctrines like that sometimes. But when properly learned brings about great change. For me, I always new that love was a good thing. Everyone knows that. But it wasn't until about a few months ago when I started to really understand what true love meant. It was through the scriptures and something a member said when we were in a meeting to spark my interest to think what love really was. What it really meant to love those around you. Obviously coming from the love of Jesus Christ. Then confirmed by President Uchtdorf I realized what I had learned prior about love was in fact true. Such a basic doctrine. Probably the most basic. Was the one that changed me the most. This conference made me reflect on my kindness towards others, and how that I might better learn to love. My favorite talk without a doubt was Elder Holland's. My mouth was pretty much dropped the whole time he was speaking. It was Amazing. I don't know how anyone could openly listen to that talk and not be convinced of the truth of what he was saying.
Personally I don't feel like my testimony of the Book of Mormon has ever been that strong. But that talk strengthened it so much! I think that everyone should get online to watch the talk called "Safety for the Soul" again. Maybe it might be a little different as a missionary but I was completely blown away.

Well miracle story from this week is from a new investigator that we have. Well long story short he is a 40 year old guy who is divorced and doesn't have any relationship with his two kids. A long time ago he was almost baptized into another christian church. His name is Brother Woo. So anyway the first time we met with him was at his store and it wasn't really a special feeling type of lesson or anything. But the second time, a few days later. He came to the church and we had a great lesson. We taught about the holy ghost and the blessings of baptism. He said that the things we were saying to him made sense. He told us that the thing that makes sense to him is making an agreement with god. We gave him a baptismal goal right then and he accepted. After we asked him to kneel with us in prayer and asked if he would give the prayer for us. As we started we all bowed our heads and were waiting for him to say a prayer, But he didn't say anything. My companion and I just looked up at each other wondering what we should do. But he just kept with his head down praying. After a few minutes he lifted his head up and tears filled his eyes. He picked up the Book of Mormon and was just looking at it with tears still running sown his cheeks. It was obvious that there is pain from his past. But it was a miracle and an awesome experience. He is reading and praying everyday. Also yesterday started on his route to quite smoking by his baptismal date.

Our area is blowing up. We are so blessed right now. In all honesty I think it is because of my companion. He has sacrificed more than any person I have ever met and it his last transfer. The Lord is blessing him. Right now we have 4 people getting baptized this transfer. That is more than this area has ever seen. My last area in Banqiao, I was there for almost 6 months and saw 2 baptisms. I have only been here in Longtan for 2 months and have seen a baptism and then 4 more coming quickly next month. Its also not normal for the area I am in. In the past this area was one of the least baptizing in the mission. So I am so grateful for the success we are seeing its amazing.

Well I gotta go. Today we are going up to this reservoir in the mountains. It should be awesome. All the missionaries say it is beautiful.

Well the scripture this week is going along with the conference theme, Service and Love. It is Mosiah 2:17. Also the commitment to everyone this week is to pray every day for a chance to help or serve someone who is in need. I am excited to hear what happens.

Okay love you all so much
Wei Zhang Lao

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