Thursday, October 29, 2009

Letter # 28

Hello my Family!

How is everyone? Things are picking up in Taiwan I think in every single part of the Work. Especially In Longtan! Our 2 investigators passed the Baptismal interview for this coming Saturday and we will be having two more interviews for next Saturday. I am so excited about all the success. It is the most I have seen on my whole mission!

I also saw a huge miracle this last week. It was in the morning and we were biking to drop off some mail. While we were biking I wasn't really thinking or I guess day dreaming If you will. As we pulled up to the post office I had this big feeling that came over me. The feeling
was like "Why aren't you looking for someone?" It was kinda like a "PAY ATTENTION DUMMY" kind of a feeling. I Immediately looked forward and saw one person. It was an older lady on a scooter. I pulled up to her and she wasn't terribly excited to talk to me. (Big Surprise) Anyway as we started to talk she told me that her son is going to our church. After a few questions we found out that her son was Yang peng yuan - Who is getting baptized on November 7th.

We invited her to come to church but she said there was no way because she already went to another Christian church. Surprisingly we were meeting with him that night. As he showed up for the lesson his mom came with him to even more of our surprise. We took her around the church and was able to sit down with her and teach her a full lesson. We shared the Restoration with her and taught her about the Book of Mormon. It was a very basic first lesson. As she read the Book of Mormon she said it was so clear. Long story short.... She said that she would be willing to be baptized and set a Baptismal date for two weeks after her son, She told us that she was for sure coming to Church with her son this Sunday. It was an unbelievable miracle.

But of course with such good comes such opposition. We called her the next day and she told us that she couldn't come to church with us. We assumed that she had spoken to one of her friends from her other church. I guess they gave her some advice and she decided she wasn't sure yet what she should do. Her son is still praying for her and so are we. We really hope that she can remember the feelings she had when she first met with us.
Everyone please pray for her.

Well this week I gotten bitten twice! Once from a Pig and once from my companion. The pig I can explain well. I was taking pictures with its piglets and it bit me on the leg. Luckily it couldn't grab on or break skin or anything. My companion...... well I don't remember what happened but We were making lunch and then all the sudden we started wrestling and as I got him in a good hold. HE BIT ME!

Oh something else funny that happened. My Companion got attacked by a Grandpa in a wheelchair. We were contacting the person who was pushing him along the street, and we were able to stop her and start talking to her. As we started talking this 300 yr old guy in the wheelchair, Started freaking out. I swear this was the oldest person I have ever seen in my life. But he still had the fight in him! He didn't have teeth and I couldn't understand a word he was saying but he starting pushing and hitting my companions bike and staring me down. I was dying laughing. My companion didn't think it was that funny!

So I received an Email from Bishop Bunnell and in the email was an attachment. The attachment Is called (Lifting burdens : The Atonement of Jesus Christ "Mormon Messages") It can be found on I hope everyone can look at that. It is so filled with truth and I was truly filled with love and hope when I watched it. It is the most simple doctrine of this gospel. Yet the centerpiece to how we are able to obtain anything of worth in this life. The fact that we have a Savior that is with us and loves us brings so much peace to my heart. Its true! ITS TRUE! I know because like Alma says in Chapter 32. I can feel the swelling motions in my heart. I know that the seed is growing! ITS TRUE! I cannot deny what has been confessed to me by my feelings. This is the way!

The Scripture I chose today was something I actually read this morning. Mosiah 23:27. Read the whole chapter and focus on why Alma is so certain that they need no reason to fear.

Okay gotta run! Love all of you so so so much!
Wei Zhang Lao

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