Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Letter # 25

Hello my beloved family, everyone!

Well I did it! I made it through my first Taiwanese summer! The gallons of sweat is only half of it. I got one more summer to go. So speaking of the weather. We got really lucky and avoided a huge Typhoon that pretty much destroyed the Philippines. It pretty much just broke off right before it got to us! So the good thing is that the wind didn't get us..... but the rain did! I have been soaked the last couple of days. My companion and I have got the system down now for drying our shoes in front of the fan while we sleep! Other than that it has cooled down a lot!

On a funny note I caught my Chinese companion trying to throw some of the turkey jerky mom sent me in his crazy invented Chinese soup! It was funny I caught him right in the act! I was like What Are You Doing? He just kept saying how good it was going to be!........I tried, it wasn't good. He actually has taught me how to cook this stir fry and stuff! ...Yes mom and dad I am buying, cooking, and eating my own veggies. I know, who would've thought!

Investigators are going great! we have two that are really progressing right now, and are both planning to get baptized on the 31st. One of them is an amazing story. My companion and I were riding our bikes contacting and stuff and we passed by this guy he looked like he might of been in college or something. We both waved at him as we were riding our bikes by him. He just kind of looked at us and didn't give us any mind. As we kept biking. I had a feeling that came to me, it said..... (don't give up that easy!) I gave into that feeling and immediately turned around. As we
started talking to him we found out that he had met with missionary's a year or so ago. He immediately set an appointment with us and has been progressing ever since! It is a miracle. Like I said earlier his Baptismal date is scheduled for the 31st of this month.

Oh ya, transfers came around again and I am still with Elder Woo in Longtan. This is his last transfer of his mission. I have so much respect for him! I have never met anyone that has sacrificed more than him. Although we are complete polar opposites I have learned and progressed more form him than any of my other companions. Sometimes it gets a little boring when we are together so I have to find my own way of having fun with him.
For example:
  • Making him say Jackie Chan lines from movies/Any American slang!
  • Slamming my breaks when I am riding my bike in front him.
  • Turning off all the lights in the apartment and hiding, waiting for him to get up to find the switch and then popping out and scaring him.
  • Wrestling with him, ha ha he hates it and refuses to fight back!
...ha ha he is too nice. But that's about as crazy as it gets with the two of us. He is a really simple guy who likes the simple laid back life. Last week I got some of the best advice of my life. It of course came from my all wisdom Chinese companion. Usually when I am struggling and I need advice I just go to the American elders and ask them questions and advice. But this time it was at night and we were home, and I was just feeling down. I told my companion that I was struggling and worried that I was not becoming the person and missionary I am supposed to be. He told me something that I will never forget. "Before a pretty butterfly becomes itself, Its just a little worm in a cocoon, The worm has to work its hardest to get its way out, that's not easy work. But eventually he gets out and sees what he has become". Now everyone imagine a Chinese person saying that to you in as many English words as he could use! It was such a basic principle of life and especially the gospel and It was given to me in a way that made sense. It was an awesome experience.

Well I gotta go. but the scripture this week is Moroni 8:26.

Everyone really ponder this scripture. What the gift of the holy ghost means, and how do we keep it with us. This scripture really touched me this week.

Okay I love you all! thanks for the family letters I will get back to all of you!
You're in my prayers
Wei Zhang Lao

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