Monday, November 9, 2009

Letter # 30

Hey family.

Well Transfers came around again, and I got a new companion. His name is Elder Constantino. He is from Italy and his dad is in the Mafia! Just kidding he is from Kaysville. He is an awesome guy. I was friends with him before so the awkward first couple weeks with someone you don't know has been completely avoided. Its just weird not being with a Native. I have been with Natives for about the last 5 months. It also helped me realize how bad my English is. My grammar is terrible. Its just weird being in the house not speaking Chinese and constantly having to ask "what, say that again?" But I am totally stoked about having an American Comp.

So the baptism went really well last Saturday. She asked me to baptize her. It was sister Lin. I am pretty sure I have already told everyone about her. She is someone we invited to English class about a month and a half ago. We were able to start meeting with her and a month later she was baptized. She is one of those people for me that makes me feel like there was no doubt that I was supposed to be called to Taiwan. She actually is exactly like Lauren. But she is a High school Music teacher. In Taiwan a teacher is a pretty respected job! But she wrote her own song on the piano and played it at her baptism. It was unreal! All the members were blown away.

So saying goodbye to Elder Woo.... That was hard! I learned too much from him. I changed more from him then any other person on my mission by far. Most of the time it was never anything he said. It was all his actions that stood out as the example! Well he goes home to south Taiwan tomorrow. So this last weekend we were taken out to eat every night by the members. We went to these places called Hot Pots where you boil all the food in front of you. Its so good! But ya I have been stuffed for the last few days. Sometimes with things I didn't wont to put in my mouth!...... On Sunday night we went to the bishops house for dinner and is wife made this Beef noodle soup for us. It was good but as I started eating I started to notice this weird looking meat and it was chewy and hard to eat. I asked what it was........ Big mistake! I was eating a bowl full of Cow STOMACH!

I wouldn't dare not eat it. One its the bishop two because that stuff is expensive here. But as I was able to muscle past the gag reflex I was able to eat the whole bowl. An hour later I wanted to die! I had a stomach full of stomach. It was NASTY!

Besides my nasty food stories all is going really well here. We just gave two more people baptismal dates for the first week in December. I am way excited about it!

Well I gotta go, But in honor of my new companion I am giving you one of his favorite scriptures. Alma 41:14-15. It talks the blessings of Righteous actions.

Thank you all for your prayers. Your in mine!
Love you
Wei Zhang Lao!

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