Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Letter # 29

Hey Family!

Well good news. The two baptisms last Saturday went really smoothly. Well for the most part. One of them had to be baptized 2 times over because we kept seeing that his foot was coming up at the last second. It was kinda funny because when he finished the second time he left already and was on his way to the bathroom to dry off and stuff. My companion and I were debating whether his foot had actually come up or not. To be safe we had him come back and do it again. It was kinda awkward at the time, but their testimonies at the meeting were really touching.

They both are really young. One 18 and one 21. The 18 year old, his name is Zhong. He talked about before he ran into the missionaries God to him was just a Buddhist statue, or something you go bow in front of. He said that now he feels that when he prays he feels good knowing that he has a God or heavenly father he can communicate with. He said that he knew God was listening to him! It was awesome. He is actually someone I rode up to at a stop light and asked him to pull his scooter over about two months ago. He has met with us ever since. What a miracle!

This coming Saturday we have another Baptism. I will tell the story about that investigator next week. She is even more of a Miracle!

Well anyway tomorrow we have this huge conference with the mission. One of the Quorum of the Seventy is coming to talk with us. He is also interviewing missionaries. I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen to be interviewed by him. Yah ...I am a little nervous, but of course excited at the same time. It will be a sweet experience. I am praying hard for some inspired questions I can ask him. So this Friday I find out who my new companion is. That will be weird!

I feel like I have been with Elder Woo forever! I really have such a testimony I was put with him for a reason. One because we are complete polar opposites. A complete Humbling Experience! Something everyone knew I needed. But from him I have learned some lessons that will effect me for probably as long as I am alive. I have been with him 3 months, but learned more in those three months than my entire mission before I was with him, times 2. I am really so grateful for the positions I have been put in. Even though at the time of those trials I wondered how I could ever keep going! But I did, and the Lord knows what he is doing. That I know with all my heart!

Well this week I had no time to email so I will give more news next week and some funny stories, and of course the news on who my new companion is. Well the Scripture this week is something I have been sharing on the street a lot lately. It is 2Nephi 2:25, Men are that they might have joy! Joseph Smith said that "happiness, is what God desires for all his Children"! All of them! I know that's true. Sometimes I think we as people forget that our Heavenly Fathers desire for us is to have Joy, nothing less. That is what all trials and all heartaches lead up to. Joy and happiness that only the Savior can bring.

Love you all!
Wei Zhang Lao

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