Monday, May 10, 2010

Letter # 55

Well its a little weird writing this email about twenty minutes after I got off the phone with everyone. There are so many things that are going on in my head. But once again I have discovered how wonderful my family really is. I vividly remember the first two times I called home.......It was always a very difficult experience, especially when it came to the part where you say goodbye and then you hear a "click". This time was so much different. I wasn't hard. It in fact gave me more desire to give all I have. So that I am being (EXACTLY) what my family expects of me. I know with all my heart that I have represented well what it is that I claim to be......(Missionary)! But this morning was another pleasant reminder, that I indeed can and will give more. There will always be more!

Well other than that, the family seems to be doing well. It sounds like the kids are more out of control than ever, and me not being the parent/guardian of those hooligans just makes me happily think "That's the way it should be!" I am sure the stories of all the kids right now are just absolutely hilarious. Oh.... Madeline and Hannah; well done! You two really are Awesome!

Okay well this week went well. It was a fairly average week as far as missionary work goes. But we are seeing many miracles every single day. We have run into a bit of a stump with a lot of our investigators. They are having a problem making it from the level of an investigator that is willing to sit down and learn to the level of an investigator that is truly progressing. We are really trying to get out of this stumbling block. But it seems to me that I have had this problem my entire mission. The ones that have really progressed in my mission have been the investigators that we are constantly in contact with and there progression truly gets influenced so much faster. But the kicker to all of that is the action. For example when they feel the light they need to act on it or walk towards it. Not stop and wait for the light to get closer. The ones that really make the effort to "TRY" are the ones that truly feel the sweetness of the gospel. The mother of the Gao family is still doing well. We are going on a Taipei Temple Square tour with the whole family this Friday and we are centering the entire visit around the principle of Eternal Families. I am positive she will feel it, because she has felt it before and she knows what it's like.

Right now we have one investigator with a baptismal date set. It is for the 29th of this month. His name is Jun Qi Wang. Pray for him please. His story is a little interesting. The day we contacted into him he did not have that much interest in what we had to say. But he had a lot of interest in the Free English class we were teaching in the area. So he set up with us to meet right before the English class started. When he got to the appointment he went on to tell us that the day after he ran into us, he found work, and he had been trying to grind work for a while now. He felt that maybe it was some sort of sign for him and maybe he should look into what it is that we were saying. So from then on he has been a willing investigator that has been like I said "TRYING". I feels the difference already. I really believe that. So please pray for him.

One quick story.... We ran into this young 17 year old Irish kid. What is amazing about this is that I had run into his sister about 2 months ago. This Irish family has quite the story. The Parents of this family were sent on a mission by the Pope to better establish the Catholic church in this area. They have been here for almost 18 years. Anyway we ran into one of the younger sons of this family and taught him the entire Restoration story on the street. Or in other words the first lesson. He really felt it. He did. I know he did because I could see
it on his face. He took a Book of Mormon with him and said he would pray about it. It really is a miracle when you put into account the background of this family. So he gave us his number and said we could call him.

Well that's it for this week. Love you all so so much.

The scripture this week is to read Joseph Smith history. I think I have done that before. But do it again! ha ha

love all of you so much
Elder Wei

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