Thursday, March 19, 2009

Letter # 2

Well hello Family!
Well guess what? Its finally Sunny! After raining for two weeks straight its starting to get nice. Either we come home soaking wet or we come home sweating! Either way we are wet!
So some good things have been happening with our investigators. We have a BAPTISM this sunday! We are so excited! My companion has been working with this 18 year old kid for a couple months after baptizing his older brother and now the younger one is getting baptized by the older brother. Such a cool story. So this will be my first baptism with my companion! We also have 4 other people with baptism dates so we are really working hard with them trying to get them ready.
Well my companion has to do most of the talking. My Chinese is a little lacking as you can imagine. But things are really progressing with that. This last week we saw some awesome things happen. We ran into a family while tracting. We bore our testimonies and talked about families. She knew that the "Mormon" church was from Utah. She said, "Oh ya I knew that people in Utah are big on family". I kinda laughed. But after we bore our testimonies and the Mom told us that she was touched! She used a word I have never heard before to describe how she felt. But my companion told me that he had never heard a person say that before at the door! So we have a lot of hopes for this Family!
Another story that I consider a miracle... We ran into this kinda half crazy guy out tracting and he set up a time to meet with us. He said he was christian and he wanted to know what the difference was between his church and ours? (Pretty much the perfect question.) So he didn't show up to the first appointment. So we set up another, and not showing up to that one either, we started to think this lesson wasn't going to happen. But then surprisingly he called us and told us to meet him at the church. Now this guy is not very well bathed person. He actually looked kinda homeless. So when he showed up to the church the other missionaries in our district were kinda like what are you guys thinking? (Haha) We of course sat down with the guy in a room and started teaching him. The guy just kinda started going off on a bunch of random stuff so my companion was like "this guy is crazy". But we still continued with the lesson. Long story short... As soon as we got to the restoration and Joseph Smith the guy was dead silent and didn't say a word. When we finished he turned into some normal person. Seriously it was like the craziest thing I have ever seen. But he is coming to Church this Sunday. I am excited to see how that goes.
Well I gotta run Its our P day and we are taking a bus up to the mountains to go hiking. Love you all so so so so much,
Wu ai nimen

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