Monday, March 2, 2009

Wei Zhong Lao's first letter from Taiwan!

Hey my family,

So I am finally here in Taiwan!
The flight was long but we got alot of stuff done.
I was able to place a book of mormon on the plane.
I had a long conversation with this guy.
Hopefully something can come from it.

So we first flew into Japan and then into Taiwan.
I had a really safe feeling when I got to Taiwan it was awesome. When we got to the airport the mission president picked us up and we got on this bus and headed towards the center of the city.
He explained some things about Taiwan.
It was pretty cool. Then we got to the mission home where we slept for a couple of days. That was cool cause the temple was right across the street.

Our first morning waking up we took a jog to the center of the city which is cheng kai shek square. The buildings there would blow you away ...seriously.

It was overcast with a little rain but it was beautiful. Then they took us to a real Chinese breakfest which was good. It was a little interesting. We had these huge deep fryed oil sticks
and you dip them in hot soy milk. Ya interesting.
I was able to place my first tract (in my terrible chinese). It was kinda funny, I said to the guy "Jintian hao ma" (this is like how is your day) and he said, "hao chi" (which is like good eat). Ha! The guy loved his breakfast. So then I asked him if he had a family or anything and he said ya and I talked a little about our church and things like that and gave him the pamphlet. It was pretty cool.

The next day we went to the grand hotel and dedicated ourselves. I am sending pictures next week over email It is the most amazing thing you will every see that I promise. So that's where you need to stay. Its actually really not expensive at all from what I heard. But thats where the island was originally dedicated so we had the oppurtunity to dedicate ourselves. Cool experience. So later that day we met out trainers and found out where our first area was going to be.

My first area I have been sent to BAN JIAO. It is in Taipei county but it is a little ways away from the main city. I am not going to lie there are some scary looking areas and I have never smelt so many different kinds of things in my life. Ha the Chinese culture is a lot different. But my trainer is awesome and it is going to be a great change from the MTC. My comp was super different then I was in the MTC. ...Good learning experience, but it was hard. This guy is exactly what I need.
His name is Elder Fackrell. He has only been out in the field 7 months which is super rare here (to be a trainer so soon). Which proves inspiration that he was for me.

So on to the streets of Taiwan. The place is out of control. There are like thousands of scooters
everywhere..... like everywhere. Everyone has one and they drive like maniacs! But they never seem to get into wrecks. I don't get it. My first night tracting, I was scared for my life. There were cars and scooters flying by me left and right. I almost got hit twice! ha ha.
Mom don't be mad. I was wearing a helmet. So that's always fun when we have to get on our
bikes. Oh something else comforting... My companion told me that pretty much everyone will get into a wreck. Hopefully its not too bad! ha ha ha.

So trackting here is super interesting my Chinese has progessed so much in the last couple days its awesome. But I still cant understand what they are saying. I can just listen for words and then put the sentence together. It gets a little irritating sometimes. But I have been working my trash off trying to talk to everyone. I know it will pay off. You never know what seeds you plant. Plus the more I talk the better my Chinese will get. Its hard But you gotta just keep going. Ha

Oh ya, I had to bear my testimony to the ward yesterday ha they were all smiling the whole time cause I think they could barely understand me. Next week I will have alot more information for you all. - Love you all,

Wu ai nimen zaijian

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