Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letter # 3

Ni hao,
YAY! Its pday again and I get to write my family. How is everyone doing I want to hear news on everyone. Especially the little boys. I want to know how much they have grown up? Are they CRAZY? Madeline Hannah? Is Lauren engaged? I gotta know!
Anyway, things are going so good over here. We have found this new awesome family to teach with two little boys. My companion and I are going to make them all cookies and bring it over to them. It was awesome how we met them. I think I explained that in my last email. But it is awesome. I am super excited to go back and teach them again. As far as the rest of our investigators the work is going well. So much of what we teach is way way far away from anything they have ever heard. It makes the process a lot slower for our investigators.
I'm worried that its just going to take some more time. Hopefully not too long. Well we did have a
baptism last sunday. It went great but was super hectic! We almost weren't able to have it. Things were just kinda falling apart. People were calling and canceling. The Boy was having trouble getting his parents to sign his permission slip since he was under 20 and all. But it all ended up working out great. Big sigh of relief.....
Okay so we found out that Elder Bednar is coming to our mission to visit us. That means that while I have been on my mission I have seen Elder Holland twice and now Elder Bednar twice. I feel so blessed. Those two are my favorite. Right behind the German of course. (Ha ha)
He is coming for a 3 hour questioning session so each missionary can have the chance to ask him any question they want. Im excited to hear some of the questions the missionaries are going to ask (ha ha ha!)
Well last week for p-day we went up to this little town in the mountains and there is markets up
there where you can just get stuff for super cheep. The girls in our family would have a Hay Day up there. Seriously and its right by the coast so its like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. My companion and I then went hiking on this mountain right next to it. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. I dont think I have ever seen anything so awesome. It was all the ocean on my right and left, and then behind us were just these green mountain ranges with little towns
tucked away in them. Whoever decides to come. We are going there.
Anyway, here is the spiritual thought for the week and a scripture.
Alma 37:37 - The thought is "Always lay your heart down at night with the lord, Keep him in our every decision, I know that if we do our lives will be blessed more then we could ever imagine. I know because I have felt it in my life" Everyone read that Scripture.
Love you all so much!
Your Missionary,
Wei Zhang Lao Wu ai nimen, Shen hui yizhi zai ni shenbian

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