Friday, May 1, 2009

Letter # 7

Hey everybody! wow that last week went fast! Things have really picked up here. Last month we were in the finding process and did not have a lot of people to teach. But as of yesterday we are teaching 4 families. They all are progressing as well. I really hope we are able to stick with them. One of the families has a son on a mission in another mission in Taiwan. They had interest in the past but they understood a few crucial principles a little wrong. Like prayer. We had to re-teach them last night. It was interesting how we met them. I was just riding my bike on our way home and she waved us down so of course we were like, "no way someone wants to talk to us. She must be crazy". But she then went on to tell us that her son was doing the same thing, So then I assumed she really is crazy. Nevertheless we set up with and we found out that my companion actually does know her son and he went to another ward before his mission all by himself without his parents. We are going to be meeting with them on a regular basis now! I think the son has been praying for his parents for a while now! I hope and feel that his prayers have been answered. I am really starting to love it out here. It's really hard, but worth it. Well, for the weather report its been sunny and not to hot suprisingly. Its beatiful. Oh and for once it hasn't been raining. Well at least for the last couple of days. It was my companions birthday yesterday. That was cool He went and bought a bunch of cheesecake yesterday, and I mean a bunch! Now you can only imagine what this did to our bodies. Going from rice rice rice noodles potstickers rice, and Then BOOM cheesecake! Last night was rough on my body uhh I still feel it! Its all good though. Anyway, things have been going very well thanks for all the prayers. I really feel the help.
Okay so scripture for this week is Alma 26:37.
It talks about how god is always mindful of his people. It really made me think of where I am and
how different it was from anything I have ever known. Yet the Chinese people are our brothers and sisters and he loves us the same as them. This scripture really helps give a perspective on things, and Gods plan for everyone.
Love you all so much, your in my prayers.

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