Monday, May 18, 2009

Letter # 8

Hello Family:
Wow it was so great to talk to everyone last Sunday (even though it was 3:30 in the morning for me). I apologize if I sounded a little wierd on the phone. I was kinda out of it. I really loved hearing everyones voices. There was so much more I wanted to say about Taiwan but I kind of forgot when the time came around. I did make me sad talking to everyone. It made me truly realize how much I love my Family. Thanks so much again for everything.

Well the last week some really good things have happend. Remember that family I told you about with the son on a mission? We talked to the Father on the phone and he only smoked 40 cigarettes yesterday compared to his normal 60. Sounds like a hard thing to overcome but we know he can do it. We taught him about praying everytime he has urges to smoke more. It's going to be a process but with his desire and the Lords help, my companion and I know that he will overcome this. We are really hoping that there son will come home from his mission with both of his parents baptized. Ah, what a miracle.

Another miracle we saw this week had to do with a blessing. There is this new member in our ward who is 21 and he is really good friends with all the missionaries. Everyone calls him "Taco" (I think missionaries gave him the name). He is a funny guy but actually kind of crazy. He has got a few screws loose in the head (Kinda like me at 16). Anyway, he hadn't been coming to church in a month and wasn't praying and stuff. He also got really sick so he was on a bunch of medication. A week ago the medication caused him to pass out outside of his house and he fell on
his face and knee and stuff. He was all cut up with a bunch of cracked teeth. So we went over to visit him in hopes of giving him a blessing. We went into his room and he could barely move. It was not good. But we did give him the blessing. I was able to administer the oil in Chinese that was a cool experience and then gave him the blessing. The next day we went over to his house and he was running around joking and being as obnoxious and annoying as ever. His cuts on his face even seemed like they healed a ton. My companion looked at me and said, "We should not have given him that blessing." Ha ha ha. It was funny but really a powerful experience at the same time.
So ya, ...two really cool miracles this week.

The last thing I want to talk about is the people of Taiwan. The Chinese people are amazing. They are so humble and kind. This is the only place in the world where you can cut someone off on your bike and they will just smile and tell you to go first. It really is unbelievable how giving these people are. I have really learned to respect they way there culture is. It is so much different then ours. They wear slippers in everyones homes, for example. That took some adjusting but now I love everything about it.

The scripture for this week talks about the souls of every person being precious, and giving us the reminder that we are all gods children. It is Alma 39:17. I really like this one.
Okay love you all! You are in my prayers. Thanks so much for all the support.
Wei Zhang lao

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