Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Letter # 18

Hey Fam,
The weeks keep flying by and things are going great!
I LOVE Taiwan. This place is already so dear to my heart and I absolutely love the people here. Work is gong great. I am so disappointed about one thing. The Lin family. The Father and daughter are both getting baptized but they cant do it right now. The Father is waiting back to hear on a court case. He might be having to pay a fine of some sort. But it is no big deal. The only problem is the baptism will probably not be until next month and I think I will be leaving Banqiao because I have been here forever. I will be so disappointed if I don't get to see the family baptized. I don't think I have ever seen so much change in a person than the Lin Father.

In other news. I have been super tired lately and it was getting progressively worse to the point where this last week there were a few times I almost blacked out and I was constantly dizzy. I went to the Hospital and got blood drawn and the doctors could not tell me what was wrong. I got a little worried but things got surprisingly better almost overnight. So right now things are going a lot better. My companion is doing great. I love him even though sometimes the Chinese humor and way of life is a little different. But we get along really well. I'm still undecided whether he likes me very much. He probably thinks I'm just an obnoxious American ha ha kidding. But ya he is awesome.

Things right now as far as weather goes has been weird. It hasn't been raining much which is preposterous for Taiwan. So that has been a nice break not riding my bike completely soaked to every teaching appointment. Learning Chinese is still going really well. I have decided to push in to overdrive with the studying. I have already started studying Chinese characters. The whole reading and writing system. For anyone who doesn't know what I am talking about it is the little Chinese drawings that look all the same. Ya and its how we have to read over hear. But I love it and I love studying it. I feel like I have picked it up fairly quickly and am getting blessed with it. But lately I am been trying to wake up a little earlier to get more studying in. Also of course asking my Chinese companion every question I possible can. I think he gets pretty annoyed with it sometimes.

Last week I said in my letter that we were focusing on the love of Jesus Christ in our teaching. It has completely changed my mission. Even when we are outside just at a stoplight or something I try my best to feel just a little of the love that our father in heaven and Christ have for us. It has changed my aspect on so many things.

Many missionaries including myself have made the mistake sometimes of treating a lesson as just a lesson. Sometimes the people without really meaning to turn into just numbers. That is terrible and I have done a lot of self evaluation on the way I treat lessons. But I will say that the one thing that has changed everything was the love. What I mean is by understanding the love or at least trying to understand the infinite love that Jesus Christ has for us. This has changed the way that I look at just a basic contact on the street to a lesson in a members home. Striving for the Love of Jesus Christ is the true key to everyone's conversion. We must feel the love the savior has for us. I am no where close by any means of understanding this fully but this is the route and direction I have chosen to take on my mission. I know that so much success will come for the investigators and certainly me personally as well.

The scripture for this week I love. It is Ether 12:27. It talks about weakness and what the Lord can do with our weaknesses.

Love you all - Peace from the East!
Wei Zhang Lao

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