Monday, February 22, 2010

Letter # 44

Hello Family I made it through Chinese New Years, Alive!

This week was hard on my stomach! Real hard! We were fed just about everyday! A lot of the time is was just pizza or something! Because the members were scared to feed us anything too weird so they just bought us something from America! (In Taiwan that means McDonalds, Pizza Hut, or Burger King) Personally I thought the Chinese restaurants they took us to were way better. Surprisingly I don't think I gained that much weight over this week. My belt is just as tight! The weirdest thing I ate...........are you ready............. Chicken Testicle!!! It actually wasn't to bad but it was kinda just the thought of what I was chewing while it was squishing around in my mouth that made it so bad! Worth it?...... I'm still undecided! Overall Chinese New years was awesome! I am sick of the fireworks though. I will be riding my bike down the street and random explosions are constantly going off. It can get startling ha ha!

Like everyone said this last week was a little bit slower. We still saw amazing things. One of our investigators is a 50 year old women. Her name is Mei Yu Chan. She decided this last week to go to the church she was going to and tell them that she is going to start coming to our church now. She feels like our Church is the one that is going to help her and her husbands relationship. It was kinda a scary thing for all of us waiting on the outcome. But she called us and told us that it went really well and it was really easy to tell them. She is scheduled to be baptized on the 13th of March. As far as the two getting baptized this next weekend. They both passed their interview and everything is looking great. I am way excited.

The Zhang Family is progressing right now, but slowly. They said they would see us at Church this Sunday but they never showed up. We are going to wait a couple days to call them and find out what might of happened. My companion and I this week are really focusing on New Investigators. We feel that we should be teaching a lot more than we are. So please pray for us to find those in need!

As far as weather here... It has been Rainy and Cold for the entire past week! But its getting a little better now. In Three days I will have officially been on this Island for one year.

This week in sacrament meeting the family that was originally supposed to speak got sick and couldn't come. So Saturday we get the call from a member of the Bishopric who asked us to fill their spots and give talks. My companion and I coordinated with each other and gave talks on how the Gospel blesses families. My companion gave this amazing story about his ancestor (Christian Hanz Monson) in Norway that gave up everything for the church. The story is awesome. His ancestor worked in Norway as a prison guard and the missionaries were being held in the jail there. It was around 1840. But basically Christian was assigned to be the one to beat the missionaries and just make life difficult for them. But eventually he started listening to the lessons and one night he snuck them out of the Jail and they went to a river and he was baptized secretly. Then he walked them back up to the Jail and locked them back in. The whole story is incredible but I got up after him and told the ward about my Family story. About both my parents being converts and what that meant to me. Also talking about how 7 missionaries had come out of a decision that my parents had made. I also told the story of Paul and Noelle! The ward thought that was funny.

Well for the scripture this week is 2 Nephi 28:3-5
I have been thinking a lot about the Apostasy lately and the truth about it. In Talmage's book Jesus the Christ it lays it down really clearly what happened in the fall of Christ's Church. When you look at the history of the Apostasy it will amaze you what really happened. It helps me realize more and more the need of the restoration! I hope everyone gets the chance to study on it.

Okay gotta go 我愛你們
I love you all.
Elder 魏

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