Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yes it is finally here. MY first Chinese New Years in Taiwan, and it is absolutetly out of Control. There has been Fireworks going off like crazy. On Saturday night I kept waking up cause the fireworks were so loud. Everyone knows the big Fireworks that are illegal in for citizens in America. They only go off at like baseball games and like the fourth of July and stuff. Ya those are not illegal here. Anyone can by them and shoot them off whenever you want. You can only imagine what its like.

Missionary work here during this time is SO HARD! We are lucky if we find any time to meet with our investigators. It's kinda hard finding something super productive. Contacting doesn't really work because basically everyone is inside and almost every store is closed. Knocking doors is even more difficult. Because fom what we were told its really rude to knock on peoples doors during New Years. One thing that we try to push at this time is visiting less active members. Trying to get a meal time with them is ideal. Basically everyone in the ward right now just feeds the missionaries. Pretty much the meals for this whole week are set up to meet with people who want to give us food. And when I say give us food, I am talking like a Thanksgiving size meal every single time. We have only had two days so far and I feel so trampled. I am seriously walking around with my hands on my lower back trying to support my stomach. I have a little taste of what it might feel like to be pregnant. I am seriously in pain! I know poor me right. I still got 5 days to go!

This last week we saw so many miracles I wish I had the time to share them all. But one was really amazing. It was difinitely one of the great mission experiences for me. Well it started when we were waiting for a lesson and it didn't show up. We decided to go to the train station and find some people there to talk to. Right as we got there we ran into this guy. All we said was hello to him and then he started talking to us in perfect English. He told us he was from the states But his parents were both Taiwanese and that in fact he didn't speak any chinese at all . It was really weird. As we continued to talk to him we found out that he was Christian and had alot of Faith but never joined a Church. We started talking to him a little bit about our church but I was really struggling talking and teaching in English. But as we continued I noticed it was getting easier and that I was being helped. I really believed that. I told him about Joseph Smith and bore my testimony about God's relationship with us and how the Restoration ties into it all. After we both bore our testimonys He was just completely quiet.

He waited for a few seconds and told us that he was so touched and he knew that everything we were saying was true. He said he was so thankful that he ran into us. He told us that he know god sent us. Unfortunately he lives in central Taiwan but amazingly the city that he lives in has an English speaking ward there. We asked if he was willing to meet with the missionaries and he told us that he was more than happy to meet with them. It was an amazing miracle that I saw first hand. Again strengthening my testimony in the divinity of this work. Its True! I have so many other stories I want to tell but I really dont have time.

As far as the Investigators go. This week went great. The baptism went well also. We are all excited for the 27th. Ming Long Lee and Bang ying Leo are both getting baptized and are really going strong. With Ming Long Lee we did something fun with him the last time we met with him. We let him be the missionary and teach us. We asked him questions and stuff, it was way cool! He is praying to know if he should go on a mission or not. Family please pray for him.

Well the Scripture this week is Alma 22:15. I love this scripture. I have felt this power and Joy in my own life. That is something that I could never deny!

Love you all,
Elder Wei!

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