Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Letter # 41

我親愛的家庭 (My beloved family)

Well this weeks filled with many ups and downs. For the most part it went well. Transfers were this last weekend and I am still with my same companion Elder Shumway. We together make the Shumburger (It's delicious). We actually work amazing together and he is a really good missionary. I am way happy am still together with him. For multiple, multiple reasons. He is younger than I am but he is one of those Elders that knows exactly why he came on a mission. He will be a good leader.

We have really been working hard in our area, and we are seeing blessings from it. We are have two baptisms on the 27th. One is an older guy who has had friends in the Church for years and is finally really progressing. The other is the 18 year old kid. He is doing well right now. This last week we went on a Taipei Temple square tour with one of the investigators. She and her daughter loved it. Her daughter is 9 years old and is completely hilarious. She wanted to know if God was really in the Temple and she started getting frustrated because she couldn't see him. She will make a great Sister missionary when she is older. I sent a picture for everyone. But overall I think they really liked it. Taipei is such a crazy city. On the street where the temple is there is peace that cannot be felt anywhere else in the city. Its crazy because you can take one step on the street and you know that the feeling is just different there.

Something a little stressful happened. We went to go visit one of the new members last week, Sister Lee kind of an older lady; and when we got to the house her husband was outside. I have only been here a little while so I don't know the full story but her husband absolutely hates the missionaries. He was super rude to us and lied to us and told us she wasn't home and stuff. When we left he ended up yelling at her really bad. She ended up calling us telling us that she can't really come to church anymore. Well at least for the time being. We didn't even really know what to say. But she is really strong willed and will be back. That I am sure of. It's funny cause she will still find an excuse to call us every single day to tell us something new. She is funny. She is exactly like Grandma June. Not kidding. She has Grandma June's gun powder, just put into a Mormon. Sometimes inviting her to teach lessons with us can be a little crazy but she has an amazing testimony.

This morning was a little crazy for us. We had to get up really early in the morning to take one of the elders in our district to the airport. He is flying to Taidong. It's a little city at the bottom east corner of the Island. The monkeys over populated the people. But at the airport I had a weird flashback of the day I got to Taiwan and the scary realization that I only have ten months left until I am getting on that plane to come back. THAT WAS FREAKY! I stopped at the mission home on the way back and ran into my first District Leader, Elder Scott from Australia. He is heading home tomorrow and that was really weird for me to see. Basically this morning was rough. But gave me even more fuel to push me harder for the time I have left. I refuse to turn into an old lazy missionary. I HATE THAT! I made a commitment that I am going to get on that plane knowing that I pushed to the end.

Well the scripture for this week is in Alma. Its the story of Ammon and King Lamoni. Alma chapters 18-19. The point that I want everyone to pay attention to is the choice that King Lamoni and the queen made. There choice was to believe, and what the Lord is able to do with those that choose to believe. There were others that received the same witness of miracles. But the choice to believe is what it came down to. All progression is built around faith. Its our choice to believe or not to believe. If we choose to harden our hearts and not believe the Lord cant mold us. That is true because I witness it everyday.

Okay 我非常愛你們. ( I love you all so much )
Elder Wei 魏長老

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