Monday, January 4, 2010

Letter # 36 - The Christmas Call!

Translation( Hello my most loved people in the entire world).
Well that was awesome having the chance to talk to everyone on Christmas. I felt like I was in some dream or something and then as soon as I hung up I got slapped back into reality. Ya ...weird feeling, but I loved talking to everyone none the less. It sounds like everyone is doing amazing! I will admit it was a little hard for two days after I hung up, but I hit my knees, had some tears and picked up and kept going. I think it should be that way anyway! I think if I didn't cry about it that would be the bigger problem! Yes I miss my family with all my heart and I am so thankful for everything (especially allowing me to stay alive through all my demonic years as a child). I'm surprised I wasn't cast out to outer darkness or something. Thank you. I truly love my family and anyone who dealt with me in some form during my dark years! (my own little apostasy).

Well I will talk a little bit about what we did for Christmas. My companion and I had some extra pancake mix...Yes I know pancake mix in Taiwan!.... But we tried to make breakfast as elegant as we could. It didn't really work out but we tried. Then we opened presents talked to the family! We tried the whole caroling thing to find investigators. Like we went and knocked doors and before they could say no we just started singing Christmas carols........ It didn't really work. Caroling in Taiwan I guess doesn't bring the warm fuzzy welcoming like it does in the states. It was kinda funny though. We had a couple lessons one being with a Jehova's Witness. All I am going to say about the lesson is that MY PATIENCE WAS TESTED :) !

For Dinner my companion and I just went out to a restaurant. We spent a lot of time outside 'contacting'. On the way we were able to set up to more people for appointments. One of them being a Family! Then the night ended with us teaching a community english class. It wasn't what you call a "Traditional Christmas". But I liked it knowing that I was doing the absolute right thing! Ya its hard thinking what your family is doing half way around the world but I shouldn't have been anywhere else. My Christmas miracle happened with myself.

But it wasn't until the day after when I got the gift I was looking and praying for. Growing up in the church I hear every Christmas about the Birth of a Savior, a Messiah, One that will come to redeem the World, The Prince of Peace, one that brings tidings of great joy, and so forth. After all my years I NEVER GOT IT! It never occurred to me what that actually meant. ...Until I was sitting at my desk in the morning finishing studies or something and I remember just looking at this little Nativity we have in our house (Thanks Mom for sending that by the way). I was just struck with a feeling of amazement and aah! As I looked at the baby Jesus I got it. I finally realized it! Because of this one birth, the mistakes, griefs, pains, sins, illnesses and sorrows of every soul that has and would forever walk the Earth would be redeemed and paid for by and from this noble birth. That is the gift of Christmas. In no way am I saying that I gained a full understanding of the importance of Jesus Christ's birth. I am saying that I was given a foundation of the eternal perspective of the baby born in a manger. That was my greatest Christmas gift ever given to me.

When I got to my NEW AREA I was told that there was not much going on here. The only investigators were a 13 and 11 year old boy. Basically we spent a week straight outside talking, talking and talking. It was exhausting! But this week we now have 4 new investigators and lots of new lessons with potential family investigators. I am way excited! The hardest task this transfer will be building the ward. The ward has so many inactive members and the Priesthood numbers are not very strong. We are going to do our best. The number one focus I have right now is finding more investigators because from what I have seen in the past, if the Ward sees a lot of new faces always coming to church they all get super anxious and excited about missionary work. I think that will be the spark that gets the ward rolling!

My companion. Elder Shumway! Really hard working, obedient young missionary! Perfect! Humble kid from Idaho falls. He is an amazing example to me. I knew it from the first day I was with him why we were put together (Well at least one of the reasons). I feel like he is going to be a really big key in my spiritual growth. He is really a good kid. I am looking forward to this transfer.

Well the Scripture this week is actually from the Hymn book. "Joy to the World". Homework- everyone go read the lyrics!

Okay love you all!

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