Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letter # 39

Family, Family.

Well things still going fantastic. We set up two more baptismal dates last night and we are really excited about it. We also found a FAMILY this last week. They are the Zhang Family. They are a younger couple with a one year old son. We met them outside contacting. He said that he wanted to know how to raise his son the right way. Prepared?... ya. Our first lesson with them was just a couple days ago. We had it at the home of one of the members of the Bishopric, and it all went great. They set up another time to meet with us next week and we are really looking forward to that. Pray for them please.

One of the people we set a baptismal goal with last night is this 17 year old kid in High school. His situation is very interesting. He is a Christian, had met with missionaries before and has also been to church. We met him outside a couple weeks ago. Anyway this kid is so unbelievably smart. He is the top of his class in High School. Here that is big! The students here work really hard on the books. Most are incredible students. But he just retains everything we teach him its crazy. He understood the great Apostasy before we taught it. He is very interested in truth. He believes in Jesus Christ but like a lot of people confused about which Church to go to. Last night we met with him for the second time. When we first sat down with him I asked him if he had prayed about Joseph Smith. I was surprised when he told us that he had.

He then right away told us that he believed it. I of course asked him why? He went on to tell us that the night he prayed about it he had a dream about Joseph Smith and him translating the plates of the Book of Mormon. He said that when he woke up he had a happy feeling. He said this and I kind of sat there like "really"? I then didn't even know what to say. We had a whole lesson planned to teach him. But after he said that the lesson almost had no relevancy for him at all. We then talked a little about what this kind of answer means for his life. Lastly I asked him if he continues on this path and continues to feel the truth from it, Would he be willing to be baptized. He said of course. We set the date for the 13th of March. It really was an amazing miracle but we will see how it plays out.

The ward is also getting really excited with the progress of missionary work in the ward. They are supporting us completely right now. That is such a blessing to have the ward completely behind you in Missionary work. Our Relief society is amazing. The president and her counselors take down the numbers of all the female investigators we have and are constantly staying in contact with them and making good friends with them. That is so crucial for an investigator, and its been a blessing for us lately.

For me personally this last week I have been thinking a lot about developing a pure testimony. One with a root and foundation like the Savior talks about in the parable of the Sower, Gospel of Mark. I have been thinking and evaluating my own testimony lately, and it has been just another one of those humbling experiences that let you know that you've got a long way to go.

The Scripture for this week is Mark Chapter 4.
I hope everyone gets a chance to read it.

Love you all!
Thank you for your prayers.
Wei Zhang Lao!

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