Monday, January 25, 2010

Letter # 40

Hey Family!

Well another good week but had some irritating parts none the less. Mel the 18 year old investigator was not able to make it to church. He didn't wake up to his alarm. We are probably going to have to change his baptismal date. But he is progressing.

That young couple that we are teaching are doing great. The husband came to church this Sunday and really like it. He was listening so intently to everyone talking trying to get the most out of it. We meet with them again tomorrow night.

We also set a new baptismal goal with an older women this last week. She has pretty much investigated every religion on the face of this Earth. Teaching her is no easy task! We have really been pushing the importance of the Restoration with her. Her name is Mei yu Chen. The last lesson we had with her we printed off a talk from the November Ensign, the Conference edition. The talk is called Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration by Elder Tad R. Callister. We read it along with her and it really put things into perspective for her. For me as well. It helped me realize very crucial doctrines that we as members of the Church might sometimes take for granted. For example, the type of being that God really is, what relationship he has with his son Jesus Christ, where we come from, why we are here, and where we are going. In essence... The Plan of Salvation. Without this, imagine what our lives would or could possibly be like without these useful doctrines. What comes to my head is LOST! we would be lost, and would be relying on other means to satisfy the great questions of the human soul. I cannot express how thankful I am to know this doctrine and its divinity that comes with it. What a blessing we have.

In the same lesson I was able to share the story of my older brother whom I have never met. Michael. He passed away as a toddler. To those who are not familiar with the Plan of Salvation I can't begin to imagine the grief that would cause any parents. I expressed to this investigator the blessing of knowing that through the book of Mormon a lost and crucial doctrine was restored. In Moroni 8 it talks of little Children being alive in Christ. It speaks of their innocence. With this we know that those children are not lost but in fact have already received their salvation automatically and are living in the presence of God. What a blessing we have for knowing this. I was called to share a quick message with the ward on Sunday at Sacrament meeting and shared the same story. I was touched with what I was taught spiritually. It was a great experience to realize the big picture of the Restoration and what comes along with it.

Good story from this weekend. The Elders in the area right next to us had a baptism. We came to the baptism. But right before the baptism we were getting ready and making some calls and stuff, when the other elders busted in the room and told us that we had a serious situation on our hands. I got a little scared and jumped up from the desk wondering what was going on. I thought something really bad had happened. But the Elders led me into this room, and there was this huge spider! Like Huge! Soon enough all these kids from the ward found us in this room chasing this spider around. I elected to kill it! I don't think spiders should be allowed to be on this earth! But the other Elders wanted to catch it. So they gave me this plastic container and I cornered him in and got him. We ended up just letting him go outside. Which I am still furious about. But it was way funny.

This week I also had the chance to go on exchanges with an Elder that I served with in my last area. He actually played lacrosse at UVU the same time I was at the Y. We played each other twice that year. I still keep up the smack talk with him now though. Like pretending like I don't know what the name of his school is called or asking him if he remembers the scores of the games when we played. (ha ha ...brings me back to high school) I have been in his district twice and he is an Elder that I really look up to because of his pure humility. He is seriously the nicest person and never shows an ounce of pride towards anything. He serves hard, loves these people and always speaks with love in his voice. I have never heard him say one bad thing about anyone or anything. This week I realized I needed to become more like that. I was really thankful for that exchange.

Well the scripture for this week is the talk I mentioned. Its on Its really powerful I hope everyone has the chance to read it.

Okay love you all so so so much.
Wei Zhang lao

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