Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Letter # 37 - New Years!

Translation- Happy New year! My beloved family!

Well New years for me in Taiwan as a missionary is not really what you call an average New years! But rewarding none the less! Being in Taipei has been a huge reward but was just crazy during new years. The subway station is just unbelievably packed! Everyone going into the main city to see the fireworks. Pure Mayhem! But from what I heard the Chinese new year (the lunar calendar one) Is just complete chaos! Basically the whole country just shuts down and everyone just parties and eats food for 5 days! It's still a few weeks away but people are already talking about setting us up for appointments to eat at a members homes every meal, everyday of the celebration. A lot of the older elders have told me that missionary work almost dies during that week because none of the investigators are able to meet with you and everyone is just inside eating so there is no one to contact outside. I imagine a lot of knocking on doors. I heard this is when us foreigners get to eat the .....real......weird stuff! They bring out these dishes that only get eaten once a year! It should be interesting! ;) Which leads me to my next topic.

"What weird stuff I ate this week"....... We went to this investigators house and she brought out some duck dish that only gets eaten during the winter time. I will leave all the details out of it but I basically I ate some Duck intestine and Duck bladder! ......The texture was the nastiest part! The rest of it was not that bad.

Okay so on to investigators...... AWESOME!!!! the area is going well We had 3 investigators at church with us yesterday and the ward members jumped right on them. Taken them to every class becoming really good friends with them. The members are doing really well. The Relief Society rocks here! But some one in particular is this 18yr old kid named Ming Long Lee. He started meeting with us just a week and a half ago and he has a baptismal date scheduled for the 30th of January! He is progressing really fast. I asked him last time we met with him why he was willing to meet with us and want to get baptized. He was unable to answer. But he told me that he feels like something is leading him to do it. He said he didn't know why but he said that he feels like he will know after its all done! He has a lot of Faith to trust two Americans in white shirts speaking what we think might be Chinese to him, and then actually be willing to commit to what we ask him to do! The Spirit you might ask..........? Ya I think so...

The other investigators. All Christian! One is Catholic, the other Baptist, and the third was studying with the Jehovah's witnesses. All I have to say is I salute all the missionaries that go state side! You guys are awesome! and I thought Buddhism was a task. The Christians here can be very difficult to teach. But I do love it because the some of the strongest members I have met in Taiwan, all went to previous Christian churches! The Lord does prepare his people! in many, many different ways. The opposition is still the same here though! The Christians here know all the so called crazy rumors about "Those Mormons"! and I love the fight! I don't mean in terms of arguing or what you call Bible bashing. I just love preserving what I know is right. I have come to the realization that I will never be ashamed of the message I share...Why? cause its true and its worth fighting for! I do believe that with all my heart! I remember in high school following the crowd was for the most part the fun/cool thing to do! But right now.. I would rather be in the Minority.

This is the "cool thing to do"! I love this Church and this Gospel!

The scripture I want to share this week is Romans 1:16.

Love you all have a great week!

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