Monday, January 11, 2010

Letter # 38

ELLO! Everyone.

Our area is on fire right now! I'm loving it! It was a miracle filled week this week! Well I guess I can start on a funny note! There is old grandma that lives in the apartment across the street from us. We come in and leave the house every morning and night, she is sitting in her front room. So I like to joke around with her a little bit.. he he! So in Taiwan all the older people speak this dialect of Chinese. It's called Taiyu or Taiwanese. Basically when any foreigner speaks it they think its like the craziest thing. But I will always joke around with her in this language. Like tell her, her hair is pretty or something. She thinks its the funniest thing. This old lady is like 150 years old or something I swear. But one night as we were walking in the door I starting joking around with her again, and she started getting a little frustrated with me. But the next morning as we woke up we saw an ambulance picking her up in the morning. I kept thinking "Did I kill her?" I was worried that my joking to a toll on the ancient person. But just to make sure we went and asked the family and they told us she would be back in a couple days. When we saw her the next time we asked her what happened. She screamed "IM TOO OLD!" and then she started laughing hysterically with this little cynical laugh! It was Hilarious. Good thing she is back! I learned my lesson!

Well things are really going well in our area! We had 5 investigators come with us to church this Sunday and 5 new investigators from this week alone! My companion and I are really trying to do our best right now and we are seeing the blessings from it. Ming long Lee (the 18 year old kid) Came with us to church for the first time and is still working towards his baptismal date on the 30th. I think last week I told everyone that we were teaching a few middle aged women and they are all doing really well as well. One of them, Yi You Chan, has so much faith. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and has been praying non stop for her answer. This is the women that has been to many different Christian churches and is looking for her answer desperately. Please pray for her!

Anyway one of the miracles we saw was unbelievable, really! I think it should be in the Ensign or something. So two Sundays ago we met with this guy! His English name is Jeff. He is this 26 year old single guy. But it was someone that we had met on the street and said we could come visit him sometime at his house but he didn't want to hear anything about the gospel! I think that's the first rule if you don't want to hear anything about church. Don't invite the Mormon missionaries over to your home! We of course had a lesson with him. The lesson was one of the best lessons I have ever been a part of on my mission. It really was incredible. We taught him about the Restoration, and I know he felt it. But after we were done he said that he couldn't set up another time with us. I was really blown away. He said that he might come to church. But anyway two days after that we ran into him on the street and he kinda just walked by us not really saying anything. Two days after that we ran into him again on the street, and tried to set a time with him. He still said he couldn't do it. Then the next day on our way home lone behold there he was again walking right to us. This time was special Because I looked at him and said, Jeff you have ran into us three times in one week after we have met with you and you have only run into missionaries once before in your life. I asked him jokingly if he wanted any more signs from God? He said okay guys, If I run into you a 4th time I will meet with you. Ha ha ha I wasn't too worried about it, I know this is God's work. Last night on our way to a lesson I saw him walking right towards us. I got my companions attention and said "look who it is" My companion and I were just like "Jeff, get over here!" He came over to us laughing and put his hands up and said alright you got it. When can you guys meet? So we are meeting with him to tonight!

Yes the Lord does prepare people and that does not just happen! I was so happy last night, my companion and I were just cracking up about the whole situation. Another miracle also happened. But it was with myself. Last week I went on an exchange with a Native elder. Elder Huang. He is an 18 year old kid that has only been a member for three years and probably comes from one of the most humble backgrounds. He told me his family has no money and completely opposed him joining the Church let alone going on a mission. He told me one of his conversion and story. He told me that one time when he was an investigator he was reading the book of Mormon and then knelt down to pray about it. He said that he just started crying and he didn't know why. He said that he was just filled with joy and peace. A feeling that he had never had before. When he told me this story I felt so happy for him. I know its true! My testimony grew so much from just hearing one persons testimony.

The Taiwanese members are amazing. They sacrifice so much for this. They convert to something so different and so opposite from anything of the Chinese tradition. It leaves me completely amazed thinking about it. The Church is true.

The scripture for this Week is Helaman 5:30. ( I have felt this!) Okay gotta go have a good week everyone.

Love you
Elder Wei

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