Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Letter # 45

我非常愛親愛的家庭 (My beloved family which I love so much)

I emailed a couple days late today because today is our Temple Day. So this week preparation day changed to Wednesday. But next week will be regular schedule. First thing I want to say is to give a shout out to my niece Madeline who is AWESOME!!!! Getting into BYU on Scholarship for acting! I am way proud of her. Its crazy to think that next year at this time we will both be going to the same school. WEIRD...... I hope that the plays and Lacrosse games don't have any conflict of schedule! If they do Madeline will just have to tell them that the show has got to wait. HA ...I am really excited about it though.

About this last week, I think exhausted is probably the right word to describe the way I feel. It was the busiest week I have had in this area. We saw so much success too. Including the 2 baptisms last Sunday! That went really well, and the Ward is really happy about it. I feel like the Bishop really trusts us. He sees that we are really working and trying to do our best. So he and his family have been really willing to help.

Well a little about the investigators. The Zhang Family is still really struggling to make the transition from hearing and understanding to the doing and the action of it all. It seems like the husband knows it and feels it. But the wife is holding back so much and is really scared of making commitments. The first time we asked them if they were willing to set a date to be baptized the Husband was completely willing but the wife did not feel comfortable with it. I personally feel that she needs to get into the Book of Mormon. The biggest change that I have seen in Investigators on my mission has always been through the Book of Mormon. That book has so much power. I have seen it change hearts without the person even knowing it.

I don't know if anyone remembers the 18 yr old from Longtan. His name is Ren Bing Zhong. He was the one I met at a stoplight and he was baptized a few months later. He has an amazing story about his testimony of the Book of Mormon. Anyway he got up and bore his testimony in a Sacrament meeting and he told everyone about his testimony of the Book of Mormon. (I am not sure whether I have already told you this story or not). In his testimony he told a story of something that happened to him a week or so prior. He said that one night his friend called him to go out with them and his friends. He said that they invited him to a place that was well we can say "full of temptation". His friends told him that there was going to be all this beer and stuff, and his old girlfriend was going to be there too. Basically for any 18 yr old here or anywhere, the answer would probably be what time? and where? But he went on to say that at first he obviously wanted to go but then he became really troubled with what he should do. He said that he picked up the Book of Mormon and opened it. He said that he came to a scripture in Alma chapter 13 verse 27. It was Alma inviting us to cast off our sins and to not Procrastinate the day of repentance. He immediately called back his friend and told him he couldn't go. He said that his friend started giving a him a hard time about it but he just told his friend sorry and that he couldn't. When he told me this story I was filled with so much joy for him because he really got it. I knew the Holy Ghost had spoken to him.

I testify that something like that DOES NOT happen unless the Book of Mormon was the Word of God. I know its the word of god, and that story has become a great source of my testimony of the divinity of that book.

Well the funny story for this week was last night when we were sitting in a park for a lesson and I looked over and low & behold I saw a bunch of Chinese grandmas line dancing to Brooks and Dunn! I was dying laughing. Mom, you would have lost it for sure.

Well I am kinda out of time right now. But the scripture this week is Alma 13:27.
Everyone..... I love you and I pray for you!
Elder Wei

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