Monday, March 29, 2010

Letter # 49

Okay Family/Everyone.
We had another good week here in Shipai. Our area is almost stronger than it has ever been since I have been here. This last week we brought six investigators with us to church. We also have six scheduled baptismal dates coming up. This week we set so many appointments up too. My companion is getting better everyday. I think he is getting really excited from the success and it is re-sparking the fire that he had earlier in his mission.

What also helped us this week was a couple of exchanges I went on. As a district leader I get the chance to go on exchanges with the Zone leaders. The Zone Leaders are awesome. You learn so much from older missionaries. This last exchange I was with Elder Day. He is from St. George. He and I have gotten really close, because he has been my Zone leader for 3 Transfers now. Anyway he came into Shipai with me and we saw a lot of miracles. We also set up a couple of Families with appointments. It was sweet.

Also later in the week the Traveling Assistants came into our area. The Traveling Assistants are two missionaries that the President assigns to go around and go on splits with missionaries all around the mission. To me that is the sweetest job you could get. But they were going through our zone and they stopped in our area this last Friday and spent the night with us and then split with my companion and me to go out in our area. So basically you get twice the amount of work done in your area. It was amazing. Luckily I knew both of the traveling assistants and was already good friends with them. We went out and it was a blast. We also saw so many miracles. The feeling of going out with some of the best leaders in the mission for a full day at a time is awesome. It's kinda like that feeling of the little boy waiting to grow up and become a missionary. It was a week filled with so many learning experiences.

A cool miracle happened. About a couple months ago I ran into this Vietnamese lady on the side of the rode and I told her that I wanted to give her a book. So we set a time with her and gave her the Book of Mormon. She said that when she would have time she would read it. I can't really remember but we called her about a week later and she said that she had not had the chance to read it and that she would. We didn't hear from her again until this last week when I ran into her again on the street. We started to talk and she said that she had read a little. After talking to her for a little longer my companion realized that we had a Vietnamese lady in our ward, something that never even popped in my head. So we told her and she got unbelievably excited and was all the sudden really interested in meeting with us. It was really funny. She set a time this next week to meet. I am way excited to see what happens.

All of the investigators are all doing really well. The prayers are helping. Especially with the Gao Family. The last time we met we had a really spiritual lesson with them. We shared with them about Enos and the Faith God wants us to have in order for us to receive an answer. At the end of the lesson Sister Gao looked at us and asked "How Long?" I didn't really know what she meant at first but than she said "How long until I can get my answer?" I told her that If she really wants the answer she will get it. I told her that the Lord knows all of us and what we are willing to do. It really made me so happy because they are both showing a lot of Faith, and I know they have felt it, especially the wife. Ever since we have talked about Eternal families, she has been asking so many questions and really thinking about whether the message is true or not. The Husband is really on board. He does not have any real concerns right now. He believes it and is getting ready for his baptism on the 24th of April.

Today for Preparation day one of our good friends took us to Costco to get food. I went a little crazy there. I felt like I was home in Utah again. But I finally got some real cheese. Yes real cheese and I am so excited to eat it. They have Cheese in the normal grocery stores here but in no way should it be allowed to say cheese on the front of the package. Because it is not cheese! AHHH what you people take for granted in the states. I give you all a Challenge! Eat Chinese Take out for one week straight and tell me how you feel! I dare you.......

Anyway I am so thankful for where I'm at on my mission. Things are going well. Not easy, But it is all worth it. I am really feeling my testimony growing day by day, something I had a problem noticing when I first came on my mission. Its all true and I have made the choice to cast out the doubt and just believe.

This last week in my studies I have been in the War Chapters in Alma. I just want to say that........... Captain Moroni is the MAN! The scripture today is Alma 48:17. (Keep the commandments of God)

Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.

Love you!
Elder Wei

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