Monday, April 5, 2010

Letter # 50

Dear Family:

Ended another week! Again not the most easy thing in the world. I don't really know where to start. I guess I can start by talking about the investigators.

One of the people with the baptismal date fell out. The last time we were supposed to meet with him we waited outside at the place and he never showed up. We have called several times and he won't pick up the phone. I think that is the one thing about missionary work that makes me the most upset. When people get so close and then at the last moment they can't make it. Its so hard to think about how much work was spent. I always have the hope in my mind that we really did make a difference with those type of investigators, and that later on they will accept it. After all two of the baptisms in my mission have been that exact same case. They met with missionaries for a long time and it just didn't work out. But years later they were ready for it!

Well the Gao family is doing great. We met with them on Saturday night and they both are progressing so fast. The husband is still preparing for the 24th. No problems there. The wife is still waiting to set a date. It will be very soon I believe. Their two year old son actually participated in our last lesson. The last few times we went over there he kept peaking his head out of the room and watching us, and this time he decided he wanted to sit in his high chair and play with his toys while we taught the lesson. He is going on a mission! I always think that whenever I go over there. That would seriously be the most joyful thing to me. But we got a good while before that happens. Please keep praying for this family. They are so close and they are doing so great. The spirit gets stronger every time we go over there.

So we are teaching this new investigator starting from last week and he is awesome. He is this 70 year old guy. It was someone that we met on a bench in a park a few weeks ago. His name is Brother Tsun. Anyway we started talking to him and he started telling us about how he knew about Joseph Smith and the Gold Plates, and all this stuff. When he started talking about it I couldn't help but laugh. I thought it was ridiculous how he knew so much. He told us that many years ago he had met a member that told him all about the Religion. When we met with him and had a chance to teach him we found out that he has read the Bible 3 times from cover to cover, and that he had already read to Alma in the Book of Mormon. He is just this really smart old guy. I am so excited to see where it goes. The rest of the investigators are all doing well. We had a person who has been meeting with us for a little bit come with us to Church for the first time. He liked it. His name is Brother Tsai he is 27 years old. For him its just a big change from his traditional Buddhism. The spirit is strong when we meet with him. He has felt it. Please keep praying for them.

Something funny happened this week. I got in a little bit of a Bike accident. Well we were riding our bikes on our way home for lunch, and on the side of the road I saw someone and thought that we should stop and talk to him. So as I hit the breaks to turn on the sidewalk. I got hit in the back by another bike. We both kind of tumble over, and when I looked back I realized that it wasn't my companion that hit me. It was some teenage kid. I started laughing and the kid seemed really embarrassed, I guess he didn't think it was funny at all. My companion rode over and we helped this kid up. Luckily no one got hurt. No scratches or anything. The funny part is that I actually got his number and he said we could call him and set up a time. I don't really know how much interest he has but it was funny I thought.

The hard part about this week was definitely with my companion. Things are not getting much easier. He is really struggling with some mood problems. Basically he is just not happy. I have tried to talk about it multiple times but he just doesn't want to talk about it. I don't think I need to talk about details but I will say it is so hard right now. I know that thinking about myself and what bothers me about the situation is not what I should do. I know that! But I am really exhausted from it all. I have thought of so many ways to get him going and to get him happy. But everything seems to irritate him. I really do not know what to do? The feeling I have is that this is going to turn into a very big learning experience for the both of us. Throughout this I have been learning about more of my own shortcomings, and that hurts. Just keep enduring. I really believe things will get better. I think if there are a few things I have learned already with my new companion is Patience and Humility. I keep learning more and more about my inner pride every day, and how much pride brings down the progression of a person. Humility is so important, and it seems to be one of the hardest attributes to obtain.

The scripture this week is D&C 112:10.

Also last thing, I don't know if I have told you all before but President Uchtdorf's Grandson is in my mission. He is hilarious. He always comes up to me and says my name in this thick German accent. I talked to him last night and we both prophesied we would be put together next transfer. Anyway, he told me that his Grandpa gave him some hints on what he was going to talk about. So it should be good. I am so stoked for General Conference. It is something I completely took for granted before my mission. It's like the Super Bowl for us missionaries!!! ha

Okay love you!
Wei Zhang Lao

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